Information for Commuter Students

Welcome Commuter Students to Agnes Scott College,

Welcome to Agnes Scott College, we are so glad that you have chosen our school. For traditional aged students (18-22) commuting from home is great on the pocketbook, but it can be challenging. You may need to have a discussion with your family about how much time you will be studying (about 2-3x the amount of time you might have spent in high school), as well as conversations about family chores and returning to campus for studying, socializing, and attending events.

The same may be true for adult students and students with children.  Carving out family time, personal time, and study time might be a challenge.  Adult students and students with children may also need to sit down with family and talk about expectations – about chores, family time, and time to do homework and study.  

Setting aside specific times when you will study, and a place to concentrate on studying, is also a good idea.  If you have siblings or children having a group study hour gives everyone a chance to work on their studies together. Hopefully, this helps!  

Agnes Scott College provides resources to support the specific needs of commuting students.  These include a commuter lounge (with comfy couches, tables, microwave and refrigerator), a computer lab for commuting students only and locker space.  Commuter students have also initiated the Commuter Student Organization to support the specific and communal needs of commuting students.

We look forward to seeing you in the fall!


Orientation Council