2014 Global Takes Winning Photos

Cacau Fruit Man

People’s Choice Award
(received the most "likes" on facebook)

Cacau Fruit Man – Rebecca Cross
Costa Rica

He was an indigenous man living in the Bri Bri community in Costa Rica. Chocolate making was a way of life. It is transformed into a sweet treat in this little community that thrives on plants and animals to survive.



The following awards are based on the selections of a panel of judges (ASC students, faculty and staff):

North Korean Soldiers

1st Place Events 

North Korean Soldiers – Xiaoxuan Liu
Korean Demilitarized Zone

I took this picture of the DPRK soldiers at DMZ in North Korea. Though they were just less than 5 meters from South Korea, they are in a completely different world.



Queen's Day in Amsterdam

2nd Place Events (tie)

Queen's Day in Amsterdam – Chimi Dema
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Queen's Day, the annual dutch holiday, is marked with thousands of people celebrating in the streets in their best orange outfit. Here, people party in the boats along a canal in Amsterdam.




2nd Place Events (tie)

Cremation – Chi Yao
Bali, Indonesia

This is a ceremony to burn their dead relatives as a funeral. People wear their most beautiful clothes to celebrate that their relatives go to the heaven. This event is not sad but very lively. This is a different philosophy of death.




Not My Dad's Waffles

1st Place Food

Not My Dad's Waffles – Alex McLellan
Brussels, Belgium

Waffles are like ice cream to the Belgians. They have shops and trucks on every street corner!




Authentic Spanish Lunch2nd Place Food (tie)

Authentic Spanish Lunch – Ari Strudler
Seville, Spain

My last meal in Spain was homemade fries, fried eggs & calamari. My favorite study abroad memory is eating the deliciously simple food and talking with my host mom during lunch. I learned more about Spain at her table than anywhere else.



Authentic Japanese Cuisine

2nd Place Food (tie)

Authentic Japanese Cuisine – Xi Zhang
Osaka, Japan

I was impressed by how delicate each cuisine was. However, the taste was rather unique than delicious.





Life Long Student

1st Place People (tie)

Life Long Student – Asha Boston
Paris, France

During my first visit to the Louvre I was so surprised to see the different people gathered in the space to learn about art. This photo displays just that.



The Friendly Musician1st Place People (tie)

The Friendly Musician – Dewa Savitri
Barcelona, Spain

The picture illustrates the warmth and friendliness of the people in Barcelona. Even though there weren't many tourists watching, the musician kept playing whole heartedly with a smile on his face.










An Afternoon in Burgos

2nd Place People

An Afternoon in Burgos – Chimi Dema
Burgos, Spain

Both young and old folks sit and chat in the main square of the city. It provides a moment of relaxation and warmth as the shops in the background hustle and bustle with tourists and likewise.




Whittenberg Street

1st Place Places (tie)

Wittenberg Street – Amelia Golcheski
Wittenberg, Germany

This photo was taken on Easter morning in the town that church reformer Martin Luther made famous. Though it was (very, very, very) cold the sun was shining in this small quiet town and made the colorful main street shine!


A K-Pop Store in Wyeongdong1st Place Places (tie)

A K-Pop Store in Myeongdong – Sarah Banasiewicz
Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea

K-pop is one of the most complex and interrelated industry in Korea. For some Western, the operations and structure of the K-pop world is both different and almost horrifying since many of Korean values are in clash with American social norms.






Smog Over Santiago

2nd Place Places

Smog Over Santiago – Michael Schlig
Santiago, Chile

Winter regularly brings a brown layer of smog to Santiago, which sits between the Andes and the coastal mountain range. While dirty air is never a good thing, there is still something compelling about it as seen from the city's San Cristóbal Hill.




Mission Complete

1st Place Working Women

Mission Complete – Xiaoxuan Liu
Xi’an, China

A SWAT policewoman in the Philippines who just finished her work. She is really proud of her job.










2nd Place Working Women (tie)

Responsibility – Violet Phonn
Kathmandu, Nepal

She cooks, cleans and serves everyone in the family. However, she is always the last one to eat her meal because she wants to make sure that everyone was taken care of. This is my host mother in Nepal. A woman of great love, care and responsibility.



Japanese Geisha

2nd Place Working Women (tie)

Japanese Geisha – Xi Zhang
Kyoto, Japan

I was amazed when I saw a geisha walking by. They carry on Japanese traditions and history. Being a geisha is considered with high prestige but low social rank. However, they highly respect and love what they do, and I truly respect them for that.











Morning Smile

1st Place Perspectives of the USA 

Morning Smile – Xinyao Li
Decatur, GA, USA

Breakfast is always the most unique part of a country since it directly shows the natives' living habits. Cereal, milk, pancake, scrambled egg and sausage are the typical American breakfast, which obviously shows Americans' eating preference.







Atlanta Race Riot2nd Place Perspectives of the USA 

Atlanta Race Riot 1906 – Quynh Le
Atlanta, GA, USA

The interactive event allowed attendants to imagine becoming a part of Atlanta Race Riot in 1906. Social media is blamed for their misleading role of transmitting information that few people know about this riot.







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