Camryn Smith

camryn-smith-photo_small.jpgCamryn (she/her/hers) is a junior entering her second year of tutoring. She is from Atlanta Georgia, studying neuroscience and creative writing whilst being on the pre-med track. Despite her educational and career goals being focused on the sciences, Camryn loves reading and writing creative work. Her favorite things to do when she is not at the library or tacking away on the computer is walking whilst listening to oldies music, going to coffee shops, playing with her guinea pig, having deep dive conversations about anything, and making tea. As reflected by her two contrasting majors, Camryn has a great interest in interdisciplinary methods of learning and loves to learn about all subjects under the fields of humanities, social sciences, and sciences. This is why she has a great appreciation for being a CWS tutor which has opened the door to not only allow her to communicate in different fields of study but to learn about such different fields as well. Her favorite thing about tutoring is the conversations she gets to share with tutees whilst helping them develop their ideas and writing. When not tutoring, Camryn is studying, volunteering, or simply hanging out and catching up on her favorite forms of entertainment.