Amaris Sawyer

amaris-sawyer-photo_small.jpgAmaris (she/her/hers) is a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Philosophy. This is Amaris’ second year as a tutor for the CWS. She was inspired by her consistent visits during her first year and believes that the sessions helped her to become more aware of self correcting methods for her own writing and speaking. As a CWS tutor, Amaris aims to gather a greater understanding of the importance of effective communication through reading and writing with hopes that her peers will also understand this importance. She looks forward to tutoring first year writing, public speaking, and assignments in Political Science and Philosophy. Amaris was born and raised on the Northwest side of Chicago, IL. Growing up in a big city like Chicago influences her decision to major in Political Science as she plans to someday participate in the city’s political arena. Her love for complex and coherent arguments influences her decision to minor in Philosophy. Outside of the CWS, Amaris is also involved in other areas of the campus community. She serves as Vice President of our Student Government Association (SGA) with the goal of continuing to foster an inclusive campus community. In her spare time, Amaris enjoys listening to music, swimming, taking long walks, and hanging with friends and family.