Aluel Deng Arou

aluel-deng-arou-photo_small-.jpgAluel is a Junior intending to major in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and minor in Public Health. Her career interests are in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. The need to improve the broken healthcare system through a research-based intervention in South Sudan, her country,  prompted Aluel to consider a career in Epidemiology or Biostatistics. Aluel was born in Nimule where she spent most of her childhood and later moved to Bor, a place she calls home in 2007. However, in 2012, she left her family behind and relocated to Juba for high school. Prior to joining college, Aluel lived in Rwanda for 16 months, attending a gap year program that prepares young East African students to apply to the universities abroad (Bridge2Rwanda). Although it is Aluel’s first time tutoring with CWS, she is not totally clueless about tutoring. She had had hand-on experiences in helping her peers with writing academic and college essays through mentorship program as well as in supporting introductory-level courses(Math 115, Chem 150, Bio 110) with the Resource Center for Math and Sciences. Despite her Biochemistry and Public health background, Aluel is enthusiastic about tutoring senior theses, literary analysis, and creative writing papers. Outside CWS, Aluel enjoys consuming most of her evening hours at the dining hall(Evans) speaking to friends, watching movies and shows, reading books, and taking pictures. She might seem less approachable, but she has the warmest personality.