Maggee Chang

maggee-chang-photo_small.jpgMaggee (she/her/hers) is a sophomore majoring in Political Science. She is from Newnan, GA, but has recently made the move to North Decatur, just a few minutes from campus! Her parents are from Taiwan and raised her to speak Mandarin Chinese at an early age, for which she is eternally grateful. Her appreciation for multilingual speakers and the influence of rhetorical language has always influenced her writing-- both creative and academic-- and approaches to both domestic and international news. This will be her first year as a CWS Tutor and she's eager to collaborate with students about their assignments of all disciplines, from political science to creative writing. In addition to being a CWS Tutor, Maggee is also a Summit Peer Advisor and Chinese Language Tutor. When she’s not on campus, Maggee enjoys renovating the house with her dad and has appreciated running with her dog, Lexy. Besides her appreciation for architecture and writing, she also enjoys painting and watching old Chinese films. In the future, Maggee hopes to pursue a career in journalism or policymaking, perhaps addressing environmental issues. She believes that advocating for environmental justice should equivocally advocate for human rights, such as workers’ rights, immigration, and racial justice. Regardless of what Maggee will do in the future, she is confident that her time at Agnes Scott as a CWS Tutor will open countless doors by introducing a diverse spectrum of writing and a community built on cultivating knowledge and encouragement!