Laura Cain

laura-cain-photo_small.jpgLaura (she/her/hers) is a junior going into her second year of tutoring from the one-stoplight town of Advance, North Carolina. She is a Psychology major and Public Health minor and is excited to learn more about these and other disciplines through her time tutoring. She hopes to utilize her position as a tutor to better get to know both returning and new members of the Agnes Scott community this year. Laura’s primary goal as a tutor is to break down the barriers of academia and help Scotties feel confident in their writing and speaking skills as she has never been considered “gifted” but loves learning all the same. She is happy to tutor any assignment, but is especially excited to work on assignments related to Psychology and Public Health and how to give effective presentations in our digital world. Laura’s love for organization in all forms often comes out in brainstorming sessions and she can’t wait to help structure essays and presentations this year. Laura hopes that her experience tutoring will help her in the future as she plans to be an occupational therapist and focus on one-on-one interactions with the goal of fostering growth. When she isn’t tutoring you can find Laura drinking coffee, giving campus tours, hanging out with the youth of Oakhurst Presbyterian, and trying not to kill her plants!