Issis Haydel

Issis Haydel (she/her/hers) is in her second year at Agnes and plans on majoring in both Political Science and Philosophy with an interest in pre-law. This will be Issis's third year taking German as a foreign language She is originally from Conyers, Georgia, but was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Eventually, her goal is to become an attorney that focuses both on Civil Rights violations and defending against capital punishment (defending against the death penalty), as well as, working within some aspect of our government.  Last year on campus, Issis spent time in both the theatre department and the admissions office. In her free time, Issis spends a lot of time speaking with friends, doing arts and crafts like candle-making and knitting, and re-watching some of her favorite shows: Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, Psych, and Umbrella Academy. Issis has a heavy interest in learning about and meeting other people. She views confidence in one's writing and presentation skills as one of the first and most important steps to academic success and hopes that her time in the CWS as a tutor helps other students reach this goal. Issis is extremely excited to work on all different types of writing, but argumentative, political, and philosophical essays are her favorite. She is also thrilled to work on all types of presentations.