Erin Maley

erin-maley-photo_small.jpgErin (she/her/hers) is a junior double majoring in English Literature and German Studies. Born in Scotland, she moved to Belgium where she learned to speak Dutch and some French, before moving to Georgia in the 7th grade. Because of moving around a lot and being exposed to lots of languages and cultures, Erin has, from a young age, enjoyed learning languages. She also enjoys reading books for fun, often to the detriment of her sleep schedule. Other than her primary interests of languages and literature, Erin enjoys learning about social and cultural history (albeit only through documentaries). Erin is part of the Agnes Scott German Club. She plans to pursue a career in teaching after college, although she hasn't quite decided what she wants to teach. This is her second year as a CWS tutor and she is really excited to continue helping other students with papers, speeches, presentations, and any other assignments that float her way! Outside of the CWS Erin enjoys reading, watching numerous period dramas (she has many recommendations if you need any) while drinking tea, playing with her dogs Jasper and Stella, and embroidery.