Elizabeth Dudley

Elizabeth (she/her/hers) is a senior double-majoring in international relations and classical civilizations. She is a third-year tutor at the CWS and is so excited to embrace all the students' needs this semester! From Montgomery, Alabama, her life has been shaped by foster-care and political activism, both of which inform her academic interests. She is specifically interested in the combined study of Ancient Greek and Ancient Chinese political and social development and the modern implications of these philosophies. While she always loves tutoring assignments in her fields, her interests are widely varied, and so she is looking forward to tutoring students in all disciplines, as well as on personal statements and presentations! Outside of the CWS, she is active in student government and Model United Nations, focusing her impact on the improvement of international educational accessibility. When not working, she can be found reading on the quad, hiking on nearby trails, or exploring local coffee-shops. After graduation, she hopes to pursue graduate school in political theory and development, working towards a career in international human rights work and domestic foster-care advocacy.