Classroom Visits


Faculty: How You Can Use CWS Classroom Visits

CWS tutors provide classroom visits upon request of the faculty throughout the academic year. During a classroom visit, tutor(s) will present students with crucial writing and speaking tips and techniques that can be both general and specifically tailored to the course. The visits can vary in content, focus, length, and structure depending on requirements from the course instructor.

Why should you consider integrating speaking and inviting a tutor to your class?

Classroom speaking assignments are a great way to encourage students’ deep engagement with the material, as well as their critical thinking, because they require that ideas be presented in a clear, concise, logically coherent way, and that arguments be assessed carefully before they are delivered to the audience. Speaking in the classroom also prepares students for their future academic and professional lives. However, many students feel anxious about classroom speech activities and need guidance with regards to the basic principles of public speaking and/or the specific requirements of their discipline.

CWS classroom visits can help address that anxiety and enhance students’ oral communication competence. Our tutors are trained to deliver presentations addressing specific topics that can serve as foundation to your oral presentation assignments. Furthermore, as peers, they can relate to the students and provide helpful tips with regards to speech assignments, based on their shared learning experiences. Finally, the CWS can help develop presentations customized to your class needs.

A CWS presentation

Sample Presentations

            Effective public speaking skills for individual presentations

            Effective public speaking skills for group presentations

            How to present scientific research

            Oral communication basics for gallery presentations

            Presentation basics for debate

            Communication basics for presenting a research paper

            Writing and argumentation in philosophy

            Writing about films

            How to develop a thesis statement

            Effective delivery in presentations

How to Schedule a Classroom Visit

Please give two weeks notice if possible, and contact Mina Ivanova, the CWS coordinator, at or Mina can also discuss with you ways in which you can integrate speaking activities into your syllabus or the possibility of designing CWS presentations specifically with your class in mind.