Writing Essentials (E)

The Center for Writing and Speaking offers a wide variety of handouts to provide “quick tips” on topics in writing, speaking, and tutoring. These handouts have been developed by the CWS staff through the years and with consultation from faculty and are revised annually.
You are welcome to link our handouts to your syllabus or to make copies for educational use. Please give us credit for the handouts. The handouts are the property of the Center for Writing and Speaking at Agnes Scott College.

E1 Writing Effective Conclusions

E2 Revising Your Draft

E3 Effective Introductions

E4 Organizing Your Paper

E5 Outlining Your Paper

E6 Summary Versus Analysis

E7 Avoiding Plagiarism

E8 Thesis Statements

E9 Getting Past Writer’s Block

E10 Clarity in Writing

E11 Narrowing Scope

E12 How to Read Critically

E13 Transitioning to College Writing

E14 Getting Started

E15 Time Management