Speaking Handouts

The Center for Writing and Speaking offers a wide variety of handouts to provide “quick tips” on topics in writing, speaking, and tutoring. These handouts have been developed by the CWS staff through the years and with consultation from faculty and are revised annually.
You are welcome to link our handouts to your syllabus or to make copies for educational use. Please give us credit for the handouts. The handouts are the property of the Center for Writing and Speaking at Agnes Scott College.

S1: Citing Sources in a Speech

S2: Using Visual Supports Effectively

S3: Speech Delivery

S4: General Tips for Improving your Presentation

S5: Question & Answer

S6: How to Introduce a Speaker

S7: Successful Speech Checklist

S8: Group Presentations

S9: Introductions & Conclusions

S10: Leading a Discussion

S11: Presenting a Paper

S12: Speech Anxiety

S13: Presenting with Presentation Software

S14: Comparison of Two Persuasive Formats

S15: Articulators & Tongue Twisters

S16: Audience Analysis

S17: Sample Persuasive Speech Outline

S18: Commonly Mispronounced Words

S19: Using Examples & Stories

S20: Special Occasion Speeches: How to Accept or Present an Award

S21: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

S22: Qualitative Presentations

S23: Establishing Credibility

S24: Basic Speech Outline Format

S25: Using Movement in Speeches

S26: Tips on Conducting an Interview

S27: Repetition as a Rhetorical Device

S28: Self Evaluation Form

S29: Speech Transitions

S30: Interviewing Tips

S31: Sample Interview Questions

S32: Informational Interviews