Specific Assignment Handouts (A)

The Center for Writing and Speaking offers a wide variety of handouts to provide “quick tips” on topics in writing, speaking, and tutoring. These handouts have been developed by the CWS staff through the years and with consultation from faculty and are revised annually.
You are welcome to link our handouts to your syllabus or to make copies for educational use. Please give us credit for the handouts. The handouts are the property of the Center for Writing and Speaking at Agnes Scott College.

A1 Research Papers

A2 Annotated Bibliography

A3 Compare/Contrast Papers

A4 Blog Writing

A5 Writing Effective Position Papers

A6 Peer Editing

A7 Writing Timed Essays   

A8 Journal Writing

A9 Conducting an Interview

A10 Revising Prose

A11 Reflections and Think Pieces

A12 Style Guide for Emails

A13 Writing News Stories

A14 Writing Editorials

A15 Close Readings Across Disciplines    

A16 Sample Persuasive Speech Outline  

A17 Comparison of Two Persuasive Formats

A18 How to Introduce a Speaker