Meet the Interim Director

Mina Ivanova is the faculty director of the graduate Writing and Digital Communication program and visiting assistant professor of writing and digital communication.  She is also the acting director of the Center for Writing and Speaking. After joining the CWS in 2012 as the first Patricia Collins Butler Fellow, Mina served as program coordinator and director. She mentors and trains the CWS tutors, fostering the communication and pedagogical skills that prepare them to meet students’ diverse academic needs.

Originally from Bulgaria, Mina studied English/Comparative Literature and Linguistics at Sofia University. She received a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Politics from the Department of Communication at Georgia State University and an M.A. in Communication from Villanova University. Her scholarship is situated at the intersection of rhetorical studies, critical theory, and psychoanalysis. Her dissertation isolates the largely unconscious rhetorical and ideological means with which war was justified before, during, and after the U.S. 2003 invasion of Iraq. Her work has appeared in the volume Venomous Speech: Problems with American Political Discourse on the Right and Left (Praeger 2013), the international Journal of Rhetoric and Communications, and in the Quarterly Journal of Speech.

 She teaches critical and strategic communication as well as undergraduate courses in leadership and global studies.