Women's Studies Faculty

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  • Kelly H. Ball

    Kelly H. Ball

    Assistant Dean for Graduate and Extended Programs and Assistant Professor of Women's Studies

  • Elizabeth  Hackett

    Elizabeth Hackett

    Associate Professor of Women's Studies and Philosophy

  • Elizabeth  Kiss

    Elizabeth Kiss

    President of the College and Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies

  • Mona  Tajali

    Mona Tajali

    Assistant Professor of International Relations and Women's Studies

  • Lauran  Whitworth

    Lauran Whitworth

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies

Affiliated Faculty

Charlotte Artese English Anne Beidler Art
Mary Cain History Lesley Coia Education
Christine Cozzens English Barbara Drescher German Studies
Megan Drinkwater Classics Doug Falen Sociology & Anthropology
Jennifer Hughes Psychology Kathy Kennedy History
Julia Knowlton French Yael Manes History
Eleanor Morris Political Science & International Relations Robin Morris History
Yvonne Newsome Sociology & Anthropology Gisela Norat Spanish
Tina Pippin Religious Studies Donna Sadler Art
Michael Schlig Spanish Cathy Scott Political Science
Nicole Stamant English David Thompson Theatre
Willie Tolliver English Shu-chin Wu History
Abraham Zablocki Religious Studies