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The Small Revelations of Casca

What Liz Hartnett ’08 learned on the stage.

You need obstacles to have breakthroughs. For Liz Hartnett, acting while a student at Agnes Scott presented challenges that allowed her to grow as an actor and as a person. “Performing with an all-female cast opens up roles you don’t typically get as a woman,” she says. Her senior year, she played Casca in Julius Caesar and surprised herself. “You’re a female actor building this male character, watching him develop. There are all these small revelations that come from trying to understand what the character tells us about human experience in general.”

For Liz, that experience gets to the heart of an Agnes Scott education. “This is the whole idea of a liberal arts education—to expand our understanding of what it means to be a human being," she says. "Beyond the craft of acting, I learned that drama is always doing that. It’s a facilitator for thinking deeply, for creativity, for collaboration. At its base, it’s communication.”

Campus Vision

Forward Thinking Surrounded By History

Capital Projects: $41 Million Total

Agnes Scott alumnae have a deep attachment to the buildings where they spent their formative years, and we’re committed to maintaining those attachments while meeting the needs of a vibrant living and learning community in the 21st century. The capital improvement projects in this campaign will allow the college to preserve the iconic buildings that define our campus. But they will also allow us to continue demonstrating the same forward-thinking commitment to sustainability that made us home to the first LEED-certified building in Decatur.

[$16.5 million]

Historic Rebekah Scott Hall

The college will renovate the residential floors of Rebekah Scott Hall and transform the ground level into a state of-the-art enrollment suite for recruiting students. An essential part of this transformation is the consolidation of key student services under one roof. This will provide convenience and easier access for prospective as well as current students.


Campbell Hall

The renovation of Campbell Hall has created an innovative, LEED Gold certified, “living-learning” community with academic programs and high-tech classrooms on the first two floors and the college’s first suite-style residences on the upper two floors. This plan has allowed Campbell to house up to 96 students, an important consideration given Agnes Scott’s goal to increase enrollment.

[$11 million]

Creative Arts Facilities

As part of its Creative Arts Master Plan, the college will modernize Gaines Chapel and the Dana Fine Arts building to provide better performance, exhibition and instructional space for college and community functions.