2012-2013 Programs

“Learning From Our Neighbors: Copyright Experiences at Georgia State University Libraries”

Friday, Sept. 28, 3:30-5:00, McCain 211

Speaker: Laura Burtle, Associate Dean, Digital Library Services & Special Collections at GSU

In 2008, Georgia State University was sued by three publishers (Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Sage Publications) for copyright infringement. Activities many academics and librarians felt fell under the Fair Use clause were under attack. Learn what placed Georgia State at risk of copyright violation, what they have done to protect themselves from future litigation, and steps you can take to determine if your practices are in compliance with the Fair Use guidelines.

Co-sponsored by McCain Library & the CTL


The RefWorks verses Zotero Showdown

Oct. 25, 1:00-1:50, McCain 211

RefWorks and Zotero are bibliographic management tools designed to store, organize and use research citations. Both are free to members of the Agnes Scott community: but which best meets your needs and research style? Casey Long, User Education Librarian at McCain Library, and Jason Puckett, the guy who literally wrote the book on Zotero,* will demonstrate these tools, highlight cool features, and then let you vote on which you like best. Following the presentation, Casey Long and Calvin Burgamy (a Zotero advocate) will be available to set up consulting appointments.

Co-sponsored by McCain Library & the CTL

*Jason Puckett, Communication Librarian at Georgia State University, is the author of Zotero: A Guide for Librarians, Researchers, and Educators.


Methods courses in the Humanities

Friday, October 26, 3:30-4:45, 221 Buttrick

This session will consider the goals and content of the 200-level courses that often serve as foundations for our majors. Of special interest will be the role of these courses in preparing students to conduct research in advanced courses, including senior seminars.

Part of the Mellon Grant on Undergraduate Research in the Humanities


IPad Symposium

Thursday, Nov. 1, 1:00-1:50, Lower Evans A&B

Share your favorite apps – whether for teaching, personal use, or fun. We can all benefit from one another’s experience. A friendly gathering facilitated by the staff of the Educational Technology Center.


Co-sponsored by the ETC and the CTL


Brainstorming Session: Our Final Exam Procedure

Thursday, Nov. 15, 1:00-1:50, S. Dining room, Evans

Some faculty members have expressed interest in re-thinking and possibly modifying our final exam procedure. Join members of CASA at this brainstorming session at which trends re: self-scheduled exams and concerns of the committee will be presented.

Co-sponsored by CASA & the CTL


Recruiting, Retaining and Supporting Faculty of Color

Friday, Jan. 18, 9:00-10:30, Teasley Auditorium, Bullock Science Center

Coffee hour conversation with Dr. Marybeth Gasman, Professor, University of Pennsylvania.

Co-sponsored by the Division of Academic Affairs and the President’s Committee on Community Diversity


Writing Across Borders

Friday, Jan. 25, 3:30-5:00pm, in the CTL (101A Buttrick)

In the twenty-five minute film, Writing Across Borders, students from a broad array of countries and cultures talk about adapting to writing assignments, requirements, rhetorical styles, and teachers’ expectations in US colleges and universities, and instructors offer advice on helping international students make these adaptations to do their best work. A screening of the film will be followed by a panel discussion with Christine Cozzens, director of the Center for Writing and Speaking, Jennifer Lund, director of the Office of International Education, and several international students.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Writing and Speaking, the Office of International Education


Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Thursday, Feb. 14, 1:00-1:50, S. Dining Room of Evans

All interested members of the faculty are invited to join Cohort 2 of the Mellon Project on Undergraduate Research in the Humanities for a discussion of the role of faculty mentors in supporting undergraduate research. Successful, meaningful undergraduate research generally requires a considerable amount of faculty involvement, usually on an individual basis. What constitutes effective mentoring and how do we make time for it? How can we enhance mentoring prior to, as well as during, senior seminars? How do we address the challenges of working with students with different levels of ability and preparation? During this session, we will discuss some short readings about national trends in mentored research and students’ experiences working with faculty mentors. Members of the faculty will also share their experiences as mentors and their plans for new mentoring programs.

If you would like access to the readings, please contact Amy Andrews or Kathy Kennedy


Social Media LOL (Learning Over Lunch) Series
Join Kimberly Knight, Digital Strategist in the Agnes Scott Office of Communications, for a series of workshops about engaging, enriching and expanding community online. Feel free to attend as many or as few of the sessions as meet your interests and schedule. The series is designed to be useful to beginners as well as advanced users.

Co-sponsored by the Educational Technology Center

Link to article about Facebook and Tumblr in the classroom: http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/using-facebook-and-tumblr-to-engage-students/47221

Session 1: Social Media – Why should you care?
Tuesday, Feb. 19, 1:00-1:50, Lower Evans A&B

Session 2: Facebook – Getting started and going further
Thursday, Feb. 21, 1:00-1:50, Lower Evans A&B

Session 3: Twitter – To tweet or not to tweet?
Thursday, Feb. 28, 1:00-1:50, Lower Evans A&B

Session 4: Visual Social Media (e.g., Pinterest, Instagram)
Thursday, March 7, 100-1:50, Lower Evans A&B

Session 5: Social Media Etiquette
Tuesday, March 19, 1:00-1:50, CTL (101A Buttrick)

Session 6: Mindful Use of Social Media- Experience now, share later
Thursday, March 28, 1:00-1:50, CTL (101A Buttrick)


Pass/Fail Options
Tuesday, Feb. 26, 11:30-1:00, South Dining Room, Evans
Lunch discussion about the possibility of pass/fail options for first year students.
Co-sponsored by CASA.


Race, Class, & Career Decisions: Black Women’s Experience at Agnes Scott College
Tuesday, April 9, 1:00-1:50, S. Dining Room, Evans

Women’s colleges are known for providing a positive educational environment for women.  Such environments have contributed to the career success of their graduates.  Minimal research exists on the experiences and career development of black women attending these colleges.  This session will highlight the experiences of eleven black women who attended Agnes Scott College.

More specifically, this session will address the influence of the college environment, racial identity, and social class on the development of their career goals and aspirations.  Research conducted & presented by Marian Higgins, Ph.D., Associate Director of Diversity Programs, Career Consultant, Grady College, University of Georgia Career Center.
Co-sponsored by Career Planning and GEMS. 

Click here to view the video of this session. 


Mellon Workshops - open to all faculty members

Curriculum Mapping
Thursday, April 11, 1:00-2:00, South Dining Room, Evans 
How can we use scaffolds or maps of the curricula for our majors to ensure that students have had both exposure to and practice with skills and knowledge needed in senior seminars and other research opportunities? 

Methods/Gateway Courses
Thursday, April  18, 1:00-2:00, South Dining Room, Evans
In this session, we will compare syllabi and experiences with methods or gateway courses.  These typically are courses taught at the 200-level and required for majors.  While these courses usually have multiple goals, our focus will be on preparation for research assignments in upper-level courses and senior seminars.