Internal Grants for Faculty

Agnes Scott College supports faculty development through several internal grant programs.  The Office of Sponsored Programs provides administrative support for faculty at the application stage, at the award stage, and to the committees reviewing proposals for internal awards. 

Committee for Professional Development (PDC) Awards

Holder Fund for Faculty Innovation Awards

Gravatt Women in Science Innovation Fund Awards


Submission Process for Internal Grants for Faculty 
1) Read the Guidelines for the internal grant program to which you are applying
PDC guidelines
Gravatt guidelines
Holder guidelines 

2) Open the Internal Grants Budget Form, complete it, and save it according to the instructions at the top. Prepare the following for your application:

  • Descriptive Project Title (no more than 60 characters in length, including lines, spaces, and dashes)
  • Abstract (no more than 800 characters in length)
  • Narrative Description: Should be no more than 4000 characters. Be sure to include WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE,WHY, and HOW. Be sure to read and follow the guidelines for the program to which you are applying.
  • Describe briefly (in no more than 2400 characters) the expected products or scientific outcomes of this project and the project’s contribution to your professional development, to the discipline, and/or to teaching at Agnes Scott College. How will this benefit Agnes Scott College?
  • Recent publications or accomplishments related to the project (in no more than 2400 characters)
  • Please include a list of your previous works or accomplishments related to the proposed project, or a paragraph about how your interest in this area has developed (if your project involves a new field of interest).
  • Describe any additional information that is required by the program guidelines.
  • Budget Justification: Explain all expenditures listed in the budget in detail.
3) Submit your application and upload your budget here: Internal Grants Application Form
Please contact Emily Kandetzki if you have problems with the budget or application forms.
Final Report for Internal Grants
Download the Final Report for Internal Grants, complete it, and save it according to the instructions. When you receive an update request from Smartsheet, you can use it to upload your final report.

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STEM Scholars Program

As a result of generous funding from the Goizueta Foundation and the Frances Marx Shillinglaw Women in Science Endowment Fund, the College has available funding to support faculty-student collaborative research during the summer. For deadline and other information, please contact Molly Embree.

Program Description
The Goizueta Foundation has awarded ASC a three-year grant to establish the STEM Scholars Program. The goal of this program is to provide experiences for STEM students that will prepare them for success in graduate school in STEM fields. For purposes of this grant, STEM fields are defined as astrophysics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, neuroscience and physics. The programmatic activities planned as part of the STEM Scholars Program include, but are not limited to:

Workshops to:

  • Help STEM students succeed in their science and math courses
  • Guide students in the preparation of successful REU and other summer research program applications
  • Prepare students for successful summer research experiences

Funding for:

  • Faculty salaries, student salaries and research supplies for on-campus summer research with ASC faculty
  • Student travel to present research at regional or national meetings of scientific societies
  • Student salaries to complete a mentored-research project at another institution

During June and July 2018, the Goizueta Foundation STEM Scholars Program and the Frances Marx Shillinglaw Women in Science Endowment Fund will provide funding for faculty-student collaborative research, with funding categories and amounts as follows:

  • Faculty salary $3000 (June, 4 weeks) or $6000 (June and July, 8 weeks) (Faculty with active grant funding cannot receive extra salary, but may request funding for one student researcher.)
  • Student salaries** $10/hour, for 40 hours per week up to a maximum of 8 weeks (Faculty without active grant support may request funding for up to two student researchers.)
  • Supplies $750.00