Professional Development Awards

The Committee on Professional Development (a k a The Professional Development Committee, or PDC) reviews proposals for several professional development awards (a k a Internal Grants) available for faculty. The proposals are due by 5:00 p.m. (Atlanta time) on February 1 of each year (unless February 1 falls on a weekend or holiday).  Proposals are reviewed by the PDC, which makes recommendations about the proposals to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Awards are announced in April.   

Funds Which Support Professional Development Internal Grant Awards

How to Apply for Professional Development Internal Grant Awards

Currently Active Members of the PDC 

  • Academic Year 2015-2016: 
    • Jennifer Larimore (elected through Spring 2016)
    • Toby Emert (elected through Spring 2017)
    • Bridget Roosa (elected through Spring 2018)
    • Tim Finco, Chair in Spring 2016 (elected through Spring 2018)
    • Jenny Hughes - replacement for member on sabbatical leave in Spring 2016 only