What are our ID numbers? 

Federal ID Number or Employer ID Number (EIN):  58-0566116

Dun and Bradstreet Number (DUNS):   075880872

Department of Education Entity Number:   1580566116A1

CAGE Code:   4KQD7

Congressional District:  GA-005

Human Subjects Federalwide Assurance (FWA) Number:  00013154

Animal Welfare Assurance Number:  A4644-01 (currently inactive due to no PHS-funded research involving animals)

What is our tax status? 

       Show this letter to prove we don't have to pay Georgia sales tax:
            Link to copy of Exempt from Georgia State Sales Tax Letter

       Show this letter to prove our IRS Tax Status is Exempt 501(c)(3):
            Link to copy of IRS Tax Status Letter

How do I know what rates to use for estimating budgets? 

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) cost rate:
  61.82% of Salaries & Wages   Link to copy of current F&A Rate Agreement 

Fringe Benefit Rate for Full-time Staff & Full-time Faculty (during the academic year):
  26% of Salaries

Fringe Benefit Rate for All Part-time Employees and Faculty and Students during the summer:
  7.65% of Salaries (Medicare & FICA only)

Fringe Benefit Rate for Students working during the academic year:
 0% of Salaries

Hourly Pay Rate for Students working during the academic year or the summer:
 $10 per hour minimum

Hourly Pay Rate for Part-time Hourly Employees working temporarily:
 $15 per hour or higher, based on skills needed to perform the task

Paying Contractors or Consultants:
  Rates vary according to service performed.  Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for information about budgeting for these costs.

  Use standard search engines to estimate costs. If anticipated travel is more than six months in the future, add at least 10% to your estimate to allow for inflation.