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Agnes Scott College opened its 115,000 square foot, $36.5 million Mary Brown Bullock Science Center in spring 2003. The state-of-the-art building was designed in keeping with current standards for science education, technology, and safety. The facility houses the biology, chemistry, physics and psychology departments and includes laboratories for each faculty member for pursuit of collaborative research with students. Each department also has one or more student project labs, in addition to dedicated teaching labs. The Science Center houses more than $4 million in new research-quality instrumentation for the behavioral and biomedical sciences. The astronomy section of the Department of Physics and Astronomy occupies research and teaching space in the Science Center as well as Bradley Observatory and Delafield Planetarium, which houses a library, multimedia classroom, faculty offices, a darkroom, computer facilities for research and teaching, and a rooftop observation deck for astronomical viewing. 

In addition, the college has made significant, fundamental, and recurring investments that have enabled astronomical research, namely: (1) renovating and expanding Bradley Observatory in 2000, (2) funding the College’s membership in the Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy (SARA) in 2005, (3) dedicating space in the Observatory for student-faculty research in 2011, and (4) creating and sustaining our STEM Scholars Program and encouraging student-faculty research.

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Emily Kandetzki Emily Kandetzki '95  
Director of Academic Budgets and Sponsored Programs

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What Does the Office of Sponsored Programs Do?

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) assists Agnes Scott College faculty and staff with the submission of proposals for external support of research, creative, instructional, and service activities. Resources are available to match potential funding sources to ideas and to assist in the interpretation of sponsor guidelines. The OSP assists in the preparation of the project budget, review and completion of any required certifications, review of the proposal for compliance with Federal and state laws, sponsor guidelines, and College procedures, and the transmittal of the proposal to the funder. In addition, the OSP is responsible for negotiating awards, monitoring all grant activity, ensuring accountability and compliance with applicable federal regulations and College policies, and overseeing the reporting process until the award is closed out.

What is a "Sponsored" Program?

A college program is "sponsored" if it solicits and receives a restricted award (i.e., the funds can only be used for that program or project) from a source outside the normal operating budget (i.e., financed through external funds) in order to support various instructional, creative, research, or service activities.

When Do I Contact OSP?

Contact us as soon as you decide to submit a grant proposal. Or sooner! Contact us when you have a question about administering an award you already have. Contact us even if you are just thinking about applying for a grant. If the sponsor is a corporation or a foundation, we will collaborate with you and with our Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations to establish a relationship with the private granting agency.