Student Development Fund Awards

2020 COVID 19 UPDATE: College-funded travel is suspended for the Fall 2020 semester. You may ONLY apply for SDF funds to cover registration fees for virtual conferences at this time. Approval for Spring 2021 travel is conditional until the college announces support for travel again.

Do you need funding to attend and participate in an academic conference? Apply for the Student Development Fund (SDF)!

The Student Development Fund grants awards of up to $500 to undergraduate students who attend academic conferences each semester. Priority for funding is given to those who are presenting at a conference.

This is a rolling application, meaning you can apply anytime during the academic year. Click here to complete the online application. Questions? Email Emily Kandetzki. Please note: you must submit your application at least five business days (preferably many more!)--while the college is in session--before you need the money. Decisions about SDF awards cannot be made when the college is not in session.

Do you know someone who would like to contribute to the SDF fund for student travel to conferences? Please have them contact Emily Kandetzki!