Majors and Minors

Sociology Image 1Sociology and anthropology majors are encouraged strongly to study abroad through a faculty-led Global Awareness program or any other college-approved study-abroad program.

Major Student Learning Objectives - Students graduating with a Sociology and Anthropology major from Agnes Scott College will be able to:

  • think critically by incorporating different theoretical approaches in interpreting social-cultural phenomena;
  • demonstrate understanding of and appreciation for cultural and other diversities;
  • demonstrate understanding of the relations between micro- and macro-level phenomena (face-to-face interactions, institutional structures, globalization, etc.);
  • demonstrate understanding of human inequalities (including race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, national, and ability, among others);
  • effectively collect, analyze and present research data.

Requirements for the Sociology & Anthropology Major

Required discipline courses:

  • Anthropology: 101
  • Sociology: 101, 251
  • Anthropology 390, 391 or Sociology 390, 391
  • Three electives: two 300 level (one in each discipline), and one 200 level

Recommended course for the major: Sociology 206 (Psychology 206)

Requirements for the Sociology & Anthropology Minor

  • Anthropology: 101 
  • Sociology: 101 and 251
  • Anthropology or Sociology: 390
  • Four additional credits in anthropology or sociology