Aimee Kahn-Foss '08

aimee-kahn-foss_large.jpgAimee Kahn-Foss '08 came to Agnes Scott to study psychology and women’s studies, as well as play for the Soccer team. Through helping with athletics recruiting as a student, Kahn-Foss found that she enjoyed connecting talented students to the college. She turned this passion into a career and is now a proud member of the Agnes Scott team as Director of Admissions. Learn about her journey and her love for her alma mater in this insightful Q&A.

Q: How and when did you decide to work for Agnes Scott Enrollment?

A: Though I was not involved in recruitment through the Office of Admission until my senior year, I worked closely with Agnes Scott’s head soccer coach at the time, Coach Joe Bergin, to recruit student athletes for the soccer team starting my first year of college. Through recruiting student athletes, I realized that I loved helping prospective students find Agnes Scott and figure out their fit with the college. Agnes Scott was an incredibly transformative experience for me so I loved sharing my experience with others, and I still do!

Q: What is the thing about Agnes Scott that has not changed since you stepped on campus?

A: The friends I made while I was a student at Agnes Scott are some of the most brilliant, funny, feisty, compassionate people out there.

Q: What is your favorite thing that has changed over the years?

A: The changes I’m most excited about have to do with SUMMIT and the Office of Internships and Career Development. I love that SUMMIT is a signature experience for ALL Agnes Scott students. Many colleges offer specialized programs for some of their students, but very few colleges make such a commitment to all students. It’s powerful for a college to say that every student will be part of a global trip during their first year of college and that every student will have their own Board of Advisors. It’s taken an extraordinary effort between staff, faculty and students to launch SUMMIT and I am looking forward to seeing how it continues to develop and change.

I am also really amazed by the great work being done in the Office of Internships and Career Development. The services that are offered to our students through workshops, networking events, etc. are so beneficial to our students as they try to find internships and jobs. I love that alumnae now have a really wonderful pathway to remain involved, or reconnect, with the college by helping current students prepare for success after Agnes Scott.   

Q: What do you want alumnae to know about the incoming first year class and current students?

A: Agnes Scott continues to attract bright minds from across the country and globe; people who are not afraid to be different and do things differently. Our students and incoming students are dedicated to bettering themselves and their communities. Whether or not they know it when they come in, they find their own distinct, powerful voice and they learn to harness that power in this community surrounded by caring staff and dedicated professors. I feel so lucky to have a front row seat and to see the Agnes Scott magic at work. The sisterhood is an important part of the magic, too, so I hope alums know they are a part of that. Come back to campus for Alumnae Weekend, a hub sing, or networking event with seniors and feel the Agnes Scott magic too.

Q: What can alums do to help recruit students for Agnes Scott?

A: First and foremost, talk up Agnes Scott! If you hear a coworker, friend or relative talking about the college search process, make sure they know about the experience you had at Agnes Scott and encourage them to visit Agnes Scott or other women’s colleges. Post about Agnes Scott on Facebook, by sharing something posted by the college’s Facebook or Twitter page or maybe it’s just posting a great memory you have from your time as a student. For many of our prospective students, someone encouraged them to look into Agnes Scott—a relative, a teacher, a mentor, etc.—and that is what led to them visiting campus or applying. What you say matters.