ASC Revolutionaries

Read how these revolutionary Scottie leaders are making an impact: 


Class of 2017 | The Lions

On May 13, 2017, friends, family, faculty and staff gathered at Agnes Scott College’s 128th Commencement ceremony to honor and celebrate our newest alumnae: the Lions, of the class of 2017! Read more and check out the infographic on their achievements and future plans.

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Priyam Bhargava ’08

Priyam Bhargava ’08 is definitely not your average pageant queen. Besides being Miss India USA 2012, Priyam received an Economics-Business degree from Agnes Scott, interned in Argentina on international human rights, holds a law degree from Georgia Washington University, and participated in the International Moot Court. And that’s just the start of it! Read how this multi-skilled Scottie combines her many talents to make a global impact.

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Anna Cabe '13

Crediting her experience as a tutor in Agnes Scott’s Center for Writing and Speaking, Anna Cabe ’13 is now teaching Freshman Composition students at Indiana University how "to argue and express themselves clearly.” Learn how Agnes Scott’s diverse student resources and opportunities prepared her for such a significant challenge in a fast-paced, changing world.

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Aimee Kahn-Foss '08

Aimee Kahn-Foss '08 came to Agnes Scott to study psychology and women’s studies, as well as play for the Soccer team. Through helping with athletics recruiting as a student, Kahn-Foss found that she enjoyed connecting talented students to the college. She turned this passion into a career and is now a proud member of the Agnes Scott team as Director of Admissions. Learn about her journey and her love for her alma mater in this insightful Q&A.

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Jasmine Terry Okafor ’09

Jasmine Terry Okafor ’09 knew she wanted to pursue theology and philanthropy, but on the cusp of graduating from Agnes Scott as a Religion and Social Justice major, she was not sure how to combine her academic focus with her already impressive professional experiences. With the help of an Agnes Scott faculty member, Okafor won the prestigious Jessie Ball duPont Fund  Fellowship that launched her vocation of service. 

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Natalie Whitten Irwin ’87

In 2010, Natalie Whitten Irwin ’87 and her family had the unique opportunity to live in South Africa, and it wasn't long before the family of sports fans found Alexandra Baseball—a club that often serves as a temporary refuge for players. With the confidence developed in the economics department at Agnes Scott, Natalie quickly become an important supporter of the club and recently established Africa on Deck, Inc in the U.S. to further increase her impact.

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