Majors and Minors

Major Student Learning Objectives - Students graduating with a Political Science major from Agnes Scott College will be able to:

  • understand the way political science works as a discipline: how it structures its research about political issues, and how it works with and among contested explanations about politics;
  • be not only familiar but also competent in working with the major broad approaches used in the discipline, including behavioralism, critical theory, comparative analysis, and discourse analysis;
  • identify and explain the way political actors, ideas, and movements shape political life;
  • participate in some kind of activity related to politics, broadly defined.

Requirements for the Political Science Major

  • A minimum of 9 four-hour courses.
  • One 100-level course
  • Political Science 207: Modern Political Thought
  • Political Science/International Relations 226: Approaches to the Study of Politics and International Relations
  • Three 300-level courses
  • One 400-level seminar
  • Limit of one cross-listed course, approved by the chair; must be at the 200-or300-level

Requirements for the Political Science Minor

A minimum of five four-credit courses, three of which must be chosen from the 300 or 400 level. Three of these courses must be taken at Agnes Scott.