Student Workers


  • Alina Ibrahim ‘19: Newsletter Coordinator, Bradley Tour Guide, Work Study Student
  • Brynn Presler-Marshall ‘19: Astronomy 121 Tutor, Workshop Leader, Lab Assistant, SARA Telescope Support
  • Terry Melo ‘19: Bradley Tour Guide
  • Kimberly Patterson ‘20: Work Study Student
  • Ruotong Zhai ‘20: Physics 103 and 203 Tutor
  • Sara Sloman ‘20: Bradley Tour Guide, Georgia Space Grant Consortium Outreach Fellow
  • Emma Shaw ‘20: Physics 103 and 203 Tutor, Workshop Leader
  • Quynh Nguyen '20: Physics 103 and 203 Tutor
  • Abigail Harden ‘21: Work Study Student Coordinator, Physics 103 and 203 Tutor
  • Mihika Rao ‘21: Astronomy 121 Tutor
  • Alexis Dalton ‘21: Work Study Student, Open House Coordinator
  • Simone Anicette '22: Work Study Student


Need a work-study position? We are looking for three new students to help us at the Bradley Observatory. Tasks include organization, creative writing, assisting at open houses and more. If you would like to apply please use the work-study positions job site.


Student tutors are in the Resource Center for Math and Science located in Campbell Hall to help you with assignments and understanding concepts. Workshops are hour long sessions with the goal of solidifying topics covered in your course.