Off Campus

Students are encouraged to explore opportunities to do research off campus, especially during the summer months. Every year, we post opportunities for summer research, but student should also pursue this on their own and search for research projects that interest them.  Look for opportunities on the bulletin board by the labs!

Another great resource for summer research opportunities can be found at The Nucleus, an online resource for undergraduate in Physics & Astronomy.

Student research done in the past:

■      Charlee Amason ‘17

  • Charlee spent the summer of 2016 at Louisiana State University working under Dr. Launey in the LSU nuclear theory group. The project focused on modifying reaction rates to determine elemental abundances in astrophysical environments, such as X-ray bursts. 

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■      Sarah Bartley ‘17

  • In the summer of 2016, Sarah completed an REU at LSU, and worked with Dr. Moreno, a physics professor at LSU, on molecular simulations of metallic alloys. She created 3 computational setups of relaxation, uniaxial compression, and nanoindentation to observe the mechanical strength of FCC alloys.

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■      Sarah Reid ‘18

  • In the summer of 2016, Sarah worked at Colgate University with Dr. Bary and three other interns. Their research was to determine the spectral types of stars that are behind gravitationally unstable dark clouds. They travelled to Apache Point Observatory where they were able to obtain stellar spectra from clouds CB188 and L429C. While in New Mexico they were lucky enough to visit the Very Large Array and the National Solar Observatory.

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