Student Organizations

Society of Physics Students

Agnes Scott SPS is the chapter of the national organization, Society of Physics Students, that we have here on campus. Students of all years and majors can collaborate and work together to learn and explore the fun aspects of physics. Every year SPS hosts an egg drop, April Fools Pranks, and a movie night!

Scotties in Technology

Scotties in Technology is an organization that is one of the college campus branches of a larger network known as Women in Technology (WIT). At Agnes, Scotties in Technology has the goal of connecting students with ways to get more involved with technology, as well as broaden their understanding and knowledge of what technology is and what it can do for them. We also host and attend networking events, as a way to provide students and any interested person with a way to meet people in the tech industry.


Agnes Scott's chapter of oSTEM (Out in STEM) aims to support LGBTQ+ students seeking degrees in STEM fields. They host events and meetings with the goal of offering network opportunities, shining light on issues in the intersection of the STEM/LGBTQ+ communities, boosting interest in STEM as a whole, and making sure that students at this intersection feel that they have a place in STEM at Agnes and after graduation.

Scotties Who Code

Agnes Scott College has a chapter of Women Who Code.

Association for Women in Mathematics

The Agnes Scott chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics aims at encouraging the inclusion of women and other minority groups in mathematics.