SARAH SCOLES (Astrophysics '05)

Sarah is a space-focused science journalist and contributor at Wired Magazine, Sarah recently wrote a book called “Making Contact,” about an astronomer named Jill Tarter.

KIM LUONG (Physics '15)

Kim has been working on 3D modeling and rapid prototyping projects for  her past professor’s engineering company. This involves modeling and 3D printing enclosures for test fitting and experimental use, as well as programming small projects (such as precision movement of optical lenses). Kim has also built her own 3D printer to test models and do stress analysis on parts. 

CONNOR DAY (Physics ‘15)

Connor has been working  full time for the Girl Scouts for almost a year. She runs the financial side of the product  sales program in Northern California. In Connor’s words: “I'm definitely making use of a lot of skills I acquired getting my physics degree, applying them in a different career setting!


Meghan works as a Data Scientist. She completed a masters in Environmental Science (Geospatial Science) at Tuskegee University. Meghan’s thesis was titled, “Climate Extremes in Alabama: Trends, Variability, and Vulnerability”. The research focused on assessing the vulnerability to extreme climatic events by combining multiple climate and socio-economic indicators in order to create an index that identifies vulnerable ‘hotspots’. Meghan plans to pursue a PhD.

KATIE BUTLER (Astrophysics ‘15)

After Agnes, Katie joined the teacher residency program with Project Inspire. After finishing her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, she started teaching.  Katie is currently in her second year of teaching. She enjoys incorporating astronomy in her classes. Her next goal is to work for a science museum focusing more on astronomy.

LULU LUI (Physics ‘15)

After graduation from Agnes, Lulu completed a Master in Radiation Biology at University of Oxford in the U.K. Her research topic was on computer modelling of radiopharmaceutical dosimetry. Lulu finished her study in 2016, but stayed for another half a year working for as a research assistant. Lulu is currently attending medical school.

JASMINE HEATH (Astrophysics ‘16)

Jasmine is in her last year of a graduate program. She is earning a master’s of science education! Jasmine is looking forward to teaching next fall

CHARLEE AMASON (Astrophysics ‘17)

Charlee is attending graduate school at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada working towards a Master’s degree in physics with the option of transferring to their PhD program after one year.

VICTORIA WOOD (Physics ‘17)

Victoria has been working as a Software Engineer at the Home Depot since January of 2017.


Rachel is no longer taking classes at Agnes, but is finishing up her undergrad in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech through the dual degree program. She is also working as an IT intern at the Home Depot.

YANMEI (ISABEL) ZHAO (Physics ‘17)

“I am from Lijiang, China. My major is Mathematics and minor is Physics; there are a lot of math and physics in our life. I had an internship in Kunming, China during every summer vacation as a teaching assistant, and  I am planning to go back to China to teach math in international school while doing a Georgia Tech online masters program.” -Zhao, May 2017

EMILY PIFF (Physics ‘17)

“I'm a Mathematics major with minors in Physics and Business Management. I'm originally from Huntsville, AL. Studying physics and math at Agnes Scott College has been extremely illuminating and rewarding. I will be working at an insurance company in their actuarial department after graduation. However, working with Drs. Ackerman, Wallace, and DePree has been great the past few years, and I will carry the lessons I learned from them into my future.” -Piff, May 217


Gianni’s passion for environmental sustainability shines in her multiple summer internships and on campus roles. In the fall, she will work at Agnes full time on revising our Climate Action Plan and developing more projects in sustainable technology. In the future, Gianni plans to connect the physics degree and experience with sustainable technology by pursuing a degree in Sustainable Development