■      Katie Butler ‘15

  • Katie is currently in a teaching residency program in Chattanooga called Project Inspire. Their goals are to get STEM majors as qualified teachers in high need urban public schools. The program combines a masters of curriculum and instruction with hands on teaching.

■      Connor Day ‘15

  • During the summer of 2015, Connor was selected to serve as one of twelve SPS National interns. As an intern, she developed curriculum and educational materials for the American Institute of Physics’ Center for History of Physics. She currently serves as a program associate for Techbridge Girls, a non-profit based out of Oakland, CA that provides hands-on science, technology, and engineering programming for girls.

■      Meghan Franklin ‘15

  • Meghan Franklin graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2015 where she earned a B.S. in Physics, with minors in Music and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. She is currently pursuing a M.S. in Environmental Science at Tuskegee University. Her thesis research focuses on assessing the vulnerability to extreme climatic events in the state of Alabama. During this past summer she participated in an internship with an intelligence agency. She will complete her studies at Tuskegee University in May 2017 and will pursue a PhD in a field related to her current thesis work.

■      Melissa Hutcheson '15

  • Since she graduated, Melissa Hutcheson '15 has been pursuing a PhD in experimental particle physics at the University of Michigan. The experiment that she works on is called K0TO and is a high energy particle physics experiment located at the J-PARC research facility in Japan focused on discovering a rare decay of the neutral kaon. After finishing her first year in the PhD program, Melissa spent two months living and working in Japan in the summer of 2016. She will return to Japan to work on K0TO throughout her graduate career.

■      Ashley Monsrud ‘15

  • Ashley has spent some time in Costa Rica after graduating from Agnes Scott. She is attending medical school at Morehouse School of Medicine.

■      Haviland Forrister ‘12

  • Haviland is currently a PhD candidate at GT in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. She has done research on how brown carbon affects the Earth’s atmosphere and will continue her work with a recently received NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

■      Charla Gruber ‘12

  • Charla is currently working for a building commissioning firm as a project manager. She is head of the projects being doing with Atlanta Public Schools, Coca-Cola, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Charla hopes to attend a Masters program in medical engineering to further her understanding of engineering. 

■      Hannah Marlowe ‘11

  • A 2011 graduate of Agnes Scott College, Hannah Marlowe is in her fifth year as a doctoral student at the University of Iowa in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. She received an Earth and Space Science Fellowships in astrophysics from NASA for her gamma-ray burst polarimeter in 2013.

■      Allison Smith ‘08

  • Allison Smith is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Georgia. For her research she investigates the properties of High-Latitude Molecular Clouds which are important for understanding how our Galaxy accumulates fresh gas for star formation. The techniques she uses include molecular spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry with the largest single dish radio telescopes in the world. She is also excited to be involved in public outreach and part-time teaching at her alma mater.

■      Hannah Clemmons ‘07

  • After graduating from Agnes, Hannah took a year off to assess her options and desire to attend graduate school. She applied to Georgia State's Physics and Astronomy program where she researched microvariability in blazars. She completed a Master's degree in Physics with a concentration in Astronomy while teaching undergraduate Astronomy labs. After finishing her degree, She took a little more time to assess how she would like to use it. When an opportunity to work in the Physics department at Agnes appeared, she jumped at the chance. This is her second year teaching at Agnes Scott and she loves being on campus as a part of an awesome department.

■      Sarah Scoles '07

  • Sarah Scoles is currently writing a biography of biological astronomer and founder of the SETI Institute, Jill Tarter. The biography will be published in the Summer of 2017.

■      Martha Dawsey ‘04

  • Martha attended the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona. She joined NASA in 2007 and earned a Ph.D. in 2013. Martha was featured in SPIE’s 18-month day planner called Women in Optics.

■      Kim Wright Whaley ‘95

  • While at Agnes Scott, Kim worked as a TA in astronomy and helped out at ITS. She worked for IT for over 5 years. In 2001, Kim began working in legal technology. She is currently working for Mondus and loving it.

■      Kate Pattillo Fisher ‘90

  • Kate earned her M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration and Ed.D in Educational Leadership at Auburn University. She has worked with many ages of students and had various positions within the education system. Kate is currently the Assistant Provost and Dean of Student Life at Lenior Rhyne University.

■      Amy Lovell ‘90

  • Amy got her Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  She studies long-wavelength observations of objects within the solar system: large main-belt asteroids and comets. Amy is currently a Professor of Astronomy at Agnes Scott.

■      Beth Land Cookston ‘88

  • Beth worked at BellSouth (AT&T) while earning her MBA in management from GSU. After starting a family, Beth taught business and math from her home. Now, she is teaching middle school math at Fellowship Christian School in Roswell, GA.

■      Polly Anna Philips Harris ‘50

  • ASC President Wallace Alston invited Polly to be an Instructor of Physics in 1951 after her graduation. Polly enjoyed giving tours of the brand new Bradley Observatory. She remembers the amazement of the guests faces when looking through a telescope for the first time.