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The name Woodruff Scholars comes from Irene K. Woodruff (1898- 1982) who generously contributed to Agnes Scott to help support women who were "returning to college". Woodruff Scholars are either 24 years old or older, married, care for a dependent, or they are a combination of these things.  Woodruff Scholars are active in all aspects of Agnes Scott College life. Our Woodruff scholars at Agnes Scott do a great job of balancing their student life, work, and family life as well. The Woodruff Scholars Student Organization exists to develop community amongst students and provide support to you in your academic and social life.

Woodruff Scholars

       "ASC has given me the confidence to follow my dreams and to believe in myself more than I ever imagined possible"

                                                                            Woodruff Scholar Desiree Jamerson '14

Welcome Woodruff Scholars to Agnes Scott College,

We are so glad that you have chosen to become a Scottie!  Making the decision to attend school as a non-traditional student (whether you are 25 years old or above or a mother or grandmother) can be a really overwhelming process. Our hope for you, as a Woodruff Scholar, is that you will get the most out of your college experience academically and socially. In other words, we hope that you will grow and allow yourself to gain the most well-rounded college experience. We hope that you find passion in the major you are studying and that you strive to gain experience and network with people who can help you to accomplish lifelong goals. Further, we hope that you will allow yourself to not only learn more about yourself, but to get to know others.

Our Orientation Council is here to work with you on an individual basis. Whether it is helping you manage your time, setting you up with a mentor, sharing information about the free resources available at Agnes Scott, or helping you get connected to campus, we want to come alongside you to help your year be a great one.

See you soon,

Orientation Council 

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