Orientation Council Spotlight

Nandi Ramirez

Nandi Ramirez '15

Major: Public Health

Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama

What is it like to go to a women’s college?

I find going to a women’s college very rewarding. Intelligent women who share big dreams and goals surround me. The benefit of being surrounded by these women is we encourage and push one another to attain our goals. We inspire one another to not only work hard within the classroom setting, but also outside of it. We strive on developing and growing into the wonderful women we were born to be.

What do you value most about ASC?

I value Agnes Scott College mainly for it’s diversity and everlasting sisterhood, in which women from different cultures and backgrounds come together to embrace each other’s strengths and delve into the individual knowledge that each of us possess.

Tell us about a memorable Agnes Scott experience.

My most memorable Agnes Scott experience so far has been getting the famous Agnes Scott Black Onyx ring. I was able to attend the Ring Ceremony and be surrounded by my peers who I have grown close to over the last two years, as well as my family who I adore. Getting my ring has been a memorable moment in my life because it symbolizes how far I have come as a college student, and I am able to share a bond with the rest of the Black Ring Mafia.