Summit Elevator Speech

SUMMIT at Agnes Scott reinvents a liberal arts education for the twenty-first century by preparing every student to be an effective change agent in a global society 

Guided by a personal board of advisors, every student, regardless of major, designs an individualized course of study and co-curricular experiences that develop leadership abilities and an understanding of complex global dynamics.

All students:

• Complete a core curriculum suffused with leadership development and global learning

• Kick-off their college career with a three-day leadership immersion

• Participate in a faculty-led global study tour in the Spring of their first year

• Build a personalized board of advisors consisting of a SUMMIT advisor, a peer advisor, a major advisor, and a career mentor to guide them in crafting their unique educational journey

• Create a digital portfolio in which they collect, reflect upon and showcase their achievements

• Engage a cutting edge leadership curriculum that includes coursework, practica and opportunities to meet extraordinary leaders from all walks of life and a global curriculum that builds inter-cultural understanding and grapples with global issues at home and abroad

• Complete a culminating project that synthesizes and contextualizes their four years of learning at Agnes Scott College

• Have the opportunity to complete a specialization in leadership development or global learning and earn a notation on their transcript Equipped with a rigorous liberal arts and sciences education, an understanding of complex global issues and the ability to lead strategically and honorably, Agnes Scott graduates are ready to scale the next SUMMIT.