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General guidelines for The Irvine are:

Announcements run only once. Duplicating announcements over multiple issues of the Irvine increases the length of the Irvine and decreases the likelihood of recipients reading the announcement. Posts about events are not announcements.

Event submissions must include a title, description (including intended audience), sponsoring organization, date, time and location and confirmation code. Attached images or PDF files do not suffice for event details. Reminder: A valid confirmation code must be submitted with the event if it is being held on campus. Events submitted without a valid confirmation code will not appear in The Irvine. Events run twice; once in the upcoming events section (up to four weeks prior to the event) based on the "submission run date" as found on the Irvine Submission form. The second publication of the event occurs on the actual event date and appears in the today's events section. 

The Irvine follows the guidelines of the Associated Press Stylebook. All submissions may be edited for grammar, clarity and style, with the exception of proper names, pronouns, noun gender and position titles that will run as submitted.

A link to the online campus calendar is provided in The Irvine. All events booked through EMS can be found on the campus calendar. The calendar includes a function to add any event to your personal Google calendar.

Images for all submissions should be prepared for The Irvine before uploading. Images should be sent in as JPGs no larger than 72 dpi and 300 pixels wide. PicMonkey is a great, FREE online image editing tool to help you prepare your images. Please do not submit images as a PDF document.


The Irvine FAQ

Q: How do I get my event or announcement featured on The Irvine?

A: You will need to fill out our online form. All events or announcements require submission by online form and are not pulled from individual email, EMS or the Campus Calendar.

Q: What is the difference between an event and an announcement?

A: Events have a scheduled time and location. If you have information to share with campus that is not about an event, that should be submitted as an announcement.

Here’s the list of news and announcements appropriate for The Irvine:
• Faculty/staff changes (new employee, employee leaving, retirements)
• General information to be shared with all of campus or just students or faculty/staff (new items to be recycled, visitors on campus, etc.)
• General news from Agnes Scott administration (new major, new initiative, etc.)
• Requests for donations (charity drive, etc.)
• Campus-wide requests for participation or volunteers
• Campus newsletters (email will include link to your publication or page)
• Campus events sponsored by Agnes Scott-affiliated organizations and campus community members.
• Media coverage about Agnes Scott or its students/faculty/staff
• Hours updates (Evans, McCain, bookstore, etc.)
• Non-emergency status updates/project updates (Main loop will be closed, construction starting soon, server will be down for scheduled maintenance, etc.)

Q: I forgot to submit my event or announcement to The Irvine! What is the absolute latest time I can submit to The Irvine?

A: We stop taking event and announcement submissions for The Irvine at noon, Monday through Friday. This means if you need your submission to run on Monday, we need it by noon  on Friday. The Irvine does not run on holidays, so please don’t forget to plan your submissions accordingly.

Q: Can I submit my event or announcement as a Word document or PDF? 

A: No. The text of your event or announcement should be entered into the text box provided in The Irvine submission form.

Q: I’m a student. Can I submit an event to The Irvine?

A: Yes! Students may submit events and announcements to The Irvine.

Q: I posted an event but I don’t see it in The Irvine. What should I do?

A: Send an email to if you don’t see your event in The Irvine. Also, make sure you included a valid confirmation code with your event submission. The Irvine does not run events without a valid confirmation code. 

Q: I’d like my announcement to run every day for a period of time. Can I do that?

A: No. Announcements are posted once. In some instances, we can post one follow-up announcement if a detail has changed or there are more than two weeks between when the original message was posted and the deadline (occurrence, etc.).

There are some instances when an announcement may repeat, but these instances will be rare and guided by special request from college leadership.

Q: How long can my event run in The Irvine?

A: Events run once in The Irvine starting within four weeks before the event date and can run once more on the day of the event.

Q: What if my event is a series? 

A: You may submit a series that is weeklong, monthlong or throughout the semester as an announcement. It will run once as announcement with the list of all the associated event dates. Thereafter, you must then submit the individual events of the series as events. 

Q: Does submitting my event to The Irvine also submit it to the Campus Calendar?

A: No. Please remember to also reserve space for your event via EMS, which will then enter your event into the Campus Calendar. Submitting an event to The Irvine does not submit your event to the Campus Calendar.

Please email with questions or comments.