Library Policies

Please do not bring greasy, sticky, or smelly food, uncovered drinks, or full plates of food (i.e. from the dining hall) into McCain Library.  If you need to bring drinks or food into the library, please dispose of them outside the building. 

Recommended Snacks and Beverages

Food is essential to keep us alert and ready to learn. There are some foods that are acceptable to bring into the library: covered drinks, nuts, snack bar, simple, non-smelly sandwiches, fruit (use judgement regarding smell and sound) and pretzels.

Types of Foods & Beverages to Avoid

However, not all food is welcome in McCain Library. To ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to study, free from lingering smells, greasy, or sticky desktops or keyboards, yucky garbage bins, rodents, or bugs, we will ask you to eat the following kinds of foods outside: plates of food, take out, pizza, fries, smelly sauces, and uncovered drinks.

Group Study Rooms

McCain Library has 6 group study rooms. These are intended for groups of 2 or more.  At least 2 members of the group should be present to hold the room.

The Library Food Policy applies in this room. Please do not bring meals, pizza, or other greasy, sticky food into a group media room. If you do bring in any food, please make sure it is discarded in the trash bins outside the library.

Please continue to use "library voices" and talk in low tones when using the Group Study Rooms.  Sound travels through the walls to the group study rooms on adjacent floors and into the Stacks. 

To reserve a study room, visit the LibCal reservation page.

Group Media Rooms

McCain Library also has 3 group media rooms on the Ground Floor of the library. One room includes a larger monitor and computer that may be helpful to groups who want to practice their presentation skills or to collaborate on a file.  These are intended for individuals or groups who need to view a film for class, or to do group computer work. Watching movies and television for entertainment is permitted, but if all rooms are in use when a course-related need occurs, a library staff member may ask the group using the room solely for entertainment to relocate. 

The Library Food Policy applies in this room.  Please do not bring meals, pizza, or other greasy, sticky food into a group media room.  If you do bring in any food, please make sure it is discarded in the trash bins outside the library. 

To reserve a group media room, visit the LibCal reservation page.

In general, talking is discouraged in McCain Library.  Short conversations are permissible if they are related to research.  

Floor 3 and Stack 3 are quiet floors.  No talking or electronic devices are permitted in these areas. 

Headphones should be used when watching movies or listening to music in the library.  Headphones may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.

All phone calls should be taken outside and phones should be set to vibrate or silent when entering the building. 

When using group study rooms, please continue to use "library voices" and talk in low tones.  The walls are not soundproof and often conversations from one room may be heard in another group study room or nearby. 

How to Solve Noise Problems

If you are disturbed by someone else's noise and feel comfortable, talk to the group or individual.  Often, they may not realize they were getting loud. 

You may also report the issue to a library staff member at the Circulation Desk. Simply provide the location of the noise problem and staff will investigate the problem. 

In order to post a flyer in the library, it must:
  • Be 8.5 in. x 11 in. or smaller.
  • Refer to an event that is happening within the current month and have an end date on it.
  • Be an event affiliated with Agnes Scott College (ASC).
  • Be handed to a library staff or student worker to be stamped and posted in the designated signage area.
  • Be posted only in the designated signage area.
  • Only have the current month's events if it advertises several events over more than one month.
  • Adhere to the previous tenets, or it will be removed/recycled.

This policy is effective as of April 8, 2019.

Avoid fines by noting the due date and time when you borrow an item from McCain Library.

Charges to your account may be paid at the Circulation Desk on Floor 1 of McCain Library or mailed to the library. Note: Circulation privileges may be blocked on the system for persons owing $30.00 or more in fines, or for failure to respond to recall notices.

Fines may be paid in cash, check made out to Agnes Scott College, or with a credit/debit card (which incurs a small convenience fee).

Holds on Patron Records

Patrons who accumulate $30.00 or more in fines and/or have (a) billed item(s) on their library accounts will have a hold placed on their Agnes Scott Registrar account. As a result, your library borrowing privileges will be suspended, and students will be unable to register for classes or receive transcripts until all fees have been paid.

Overdue Materials

Overdue Fines

  • Reserve materials; Hourly equipment: $1.00 per hour (or partial hour)
  • 1-day & 3-day equipment; Bikes: $5.00 per day
  • Maximum overdue fine: $10.00 per item

Lost Materials

  • Books/Media: $110.00 ($100.00 replacement fee + $10.00 processing fee)
  • Equipment: Variable (Replacement fee based on actual cost + $10.00 processing fee)
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