Selecting a Graduate School Program

Selecting a graduate program can be overwhelming. Start the process early to give yourself time to make good selections. 

1)    Identify programs in your chosen career field.

    • Speak with your faculty advisor.

    • Ask us to connect you to alumnae who have pursued graduate degrees in this career field.

    • Access online resources. Access our McCain Library LibGuide for recommended websites Explore Grad School Programs and the list of schools where Scotties have successfully applied and attended in the past, Where Scotties go to Graduate School

2)    Gather information on programs of interest

    • Visit program websites and review online materials including deadlines.

    • Use the Advanced Search function on LinkedIn to identify and reach out to alumnae who have attended the program.

    • Contact the program to see if they are hosting information sessions or attending graduate school fairs in the Atlanta area.

3)    Evaluate and choose programs to pursue

    • Are you a competitive applicant for the program? What experiences will make your application more competitive? Is there a strong focus on GPA or standardized test scores?

    • What is the culture of the program?

    • What is the quality of the program? What are the research interests of the faculty associated with the program?

    • What kind of placement assistance does the program/department offer? Where are recent graduates employed?

    • What is the total cost of the program including cost of living in the location? What forms of financial assistance are available? Is their affordable health insurance?

    • What additional features of the program a fit with your goals? Length of time/pace of the program? Field Experiences/Internships? Exam requirements? Dissertation/Thesis requirements?