Kemper Scholars Program

The Kemper Scholars Program is a partnership between the James S. Kemper Foundation and Kemper Scholars Program Partner Institutions.   The James S. Kemper Foundation identifies high-potential undergraduate students and supports these Kemper Scholars with a comprehensive program that includes scholarships, coaching and internships through which they develop practical and professional skills needed to become effective leaders.

Benefits for Scholars:

  • PAID travel/living to attend the 2-day Kemper Scholars Professional Conference in Chicago, IL in August (Scholars attend the Kemper Scholars Conference for 3 years)
  • PAID non-profit internship experience in Chicago after sophomore year
  • PAID for-profit internship experience after junior year 
  • Annual scholarship based on need ($3,000 - 10,000)


  • Students MUST have a STRONG interest in Business, Finance, Math, and Economics
  • Students MUST have and be able to maintain a 3.2 GPA
  • Students MUST have a valid social security number at the time of application
  • Students MUST have less than 32 credit hours by the end of the Fall semester

What Makes a Strong Kemper Scholar?

  • Intellectual Curiosity and Independence
  • Unusual maturity, openness, and flexibility
  • Leadership in school and community
  • Openness to Being Mentored
  • Commitment to citizenship and service
  • Strong Interest in a Business-related field, i.e accounting, data science, finance, risk management, economics, statistics, math and/or actuarial science
  • Availability for sophomore and junior experiences (at least 10 weeks plus time for travel)

Application process:

  • First year students at Kemper partner schools are selected each spring. Online application deadline is January 31, 2017
  • Students will be selected in early February for interviews
  • Application requires:
    • Short Answer Essays
    • Transcripts (college and high school)
      • An unofficial transcript is acceptable, but must be submitted to our office.  To have your transcript submitted to our office, Contact Mary White in the Registrar's office from your Agnes Scott email address only and request that a copy of your unofficial transcript be sent to Tomeka Stephens at  The deadline for your unofficial transcript to be sent to Tomeka Stephens is January 31.
  • Resume (not required, but highly recommended) 
    • Guide and First Year resume templates can be found here
  • Access application at:


Gianni Roderiguez, Class of 2017

Physics Major, Public Health Minor
Nonprofit Internship Site: The Rogers Park Business Alliance
For Profit Internship Site: Kemper Specialty in the Special Investigations Unit
"Being a Kemper Scholar, to me, means cultivating and developing one's own professional self. But especially being part of an extraordinary network of brilliant individuals from all over the country."

Emily Piff, Class of 2017

Mathematics Major, Physics/Business Management Minor
For Profit Internship Site:
 Kemper Corporation in the Financial Planning and Analysis Department
"I learned a lot about the insurance industry and got to experience the fast-paced setting of quarter end, and all that it takes to prepare for that. Something important that I learned from my internship is the value of showing up with your best work prepared. As an intern, you don't get much time to show what you're capable of so being prepared when you're given the opportunity is imperative."

Mehdia Hassan, Class of 2019

Public Health Major
"I have learned that there are so many career options that are available in the business world regardless of what you are interested in majoring in college. It was one of the best experiences I had while attending the Kemper conference."