Hubert Scholars Program

The Hubert Scholars Program combines experiential learning and exploration of vocation with service to humanity to create and propose a self-designed or existing project to serve the needs of others.

The Hubert Scholars Program:

  • Awarded to students with a demonstrated commitment to public service
  • Available to all first year – junior students for the following summer
  • Awards up to $3,500 stipend for unpaid or minimally paid internship in Public Service
  • Internship must include a minimum of 200 hours of summer internship work
  • Application requires detailed description of project, internship offer letter, and faculty recommendations
    • Students must complete an academic component during the Fall Semester following Summer internship
  • Application Requirements:
    • Requires a 3.0 GPA
    • Completion of the Hubert Scholars Application 
    • Short Essay Questions (250 - 300 words)
    • 2 Faculty Recommendations (1 can be a SUMMIT Advisor)
  • The Hubert Scholar Application us now on CARTA!  You can access the application at and the application is under Award Opportunities.
  • The deadline for the Hubert Scholars Program application to be completed is March 1, 2020.
  • Students who are interested in applying for the Hubert Scholars Program can contact Tomeka Stephens at

Examples of Hubert Scholar Projects (2000 – 2019)

  • Harvard Medical School faculty working with a NGO, Partners In Health – intern completed Cost-Analysis of an Oral Cholera Vaccination campaign
  • International Rescue Committee - intern taught ESL Adult Education course to refugees
  • Hagar’s House - internship to create a youth mentorship program that developed the children’s career and educational goals
  • Frick Middle School, Oakland, CA – Intern mentored girls in sex education and college/career readiness. Internship provided empowerment courses to build confidence and helped girls establish support systems
  • Bahai Office for the Advancement of Women in Shantinagore, Dhakam, Bangladesh - Internship to investigate and inform gender equality education/training courses on status of women in the family and society
  • Footprints of Hope in Lesetho, Africa - Intern worked with communities affected by HIV/Aids. Intern facilitated workshops, personal hygiene sessions, and provided mentoring
  • Volunteer and Communications Intern, Bai Thuong Organic Farming Group in Hanoi, Vietnam. - Project to recruit and form team of volunteers to support the farm – working in the field and planting vegetables – and developed an educational program on healthy eating
  • Child Family Health International in La Paz, Bolivia - Intern provided service through patient health education and medical care
  • Ministry of Finance, Accra, Ghana - internship focused on projects directed towards poverty alleviation, primary education and health care
  • International Community School, Decatur, GA.  Mentored refugee girls on the importance of completing school, gaining a positive self-image, understanding U.S. culture and the use of art media as a means of self-expression
  • Kathy Knowles Children’s Library in Ghana - Intern specifically worked with the summer/after-school tutoring program and focusing on reading, writing and critical thinking skills
  • Actionworks in Karnali, Nepal - Intern specifically worked with the "Elimination of Chhaupadi" project
  • East DeKalb Boys and Girls Club in Lithonia, Georgia - Intern taught youths to learn to code and how to apply coding to the real world
  • Earth Mission Asia in Thailand and Myanmar- Intern worked as a teacher's aide and tutored students learning English
  • Breakthrough San Francisco - Intern worked as a teacher's aide and tutor for students learning English
  • Abba's House in Cypress, Texas - Intern worked with refugee women and children as they progressed through the resettlement process
  • Our House in Decatur, Georgia - Intern worked with pre-school aged children of Atlanta's families experiencing homelessness