Alumnae Spotlight

Jasmine Langevine

Jasmine Langevine '07

Now: Human Capital Management Consultant at Deloitte Consulting

Alumna Jasmine Langevine solves problems and client challenges daily in her role as a Human Capital Management Consultant at Deloitte Consulting.  She was the first Student-Designed major in Economics & Organizational Management at Agnes Scott College, where her  favorite courses included philosophy, religion, and psychology. Jasmine believes the most important aspect of her Agnes Scott education was the immersion in an all women environment.  Seeing women lead and drive the world is instrumental in how she leads people in her job today.  For Jasmine, seeing women at the helm of all critical decisions reinforced that women's power and intelligence is limitless regardless of the situation or environment. At least once per month, students can learn from Jasmine’s expertise as a Career Coach in her role as the HR Consultant-in-Residence in the Office of Internship and Career Development.