In this program, students explore the major issues of international politics today, as well as the evolution of the current international system. Coursework in international relations requires students to grapple with the politics of peace and war, the nature and exercise of power within the international system, and the changing character of the actors (both state and non-state) who participate in the various dimensions of international decision making.  As an interdisciplinary program, the international relations major relies upon the perspectives, theories, insights and methods of several liberal arts disciplines, including economics, history and political science.

Students who wish to major in international relations should consult the director of the program to develop a course of study with an appropriate balance among the disciplines. They should acquire proficiency in a foreign language, especially if they plan to study abroad. Completing the intermediate level of a second foreign language is also recommended.

International relations majors are encouraged strongly to participate in a faculty-led Global Awareness program or any other college-approved study-abroad program.

International Relations Course Catalog (PDF)

Please consult the main catalog page for a supplement with course changes approved by the faculty after the publication of the 2014-15 Catalog.