College Keys- Facility Access


Access to College facilities must be strictly controlled to protect life and property. Access to facilities during and after normal operational hours requires strict guidelines before access is granted. The Office of Facilities is tasked with the administrative functions of monitoring and granting facility access to College assets.


Requests for continued facility access through the issuance of keys or card access privileges will be forwarded to the Office of Facilities for review. Requests must be made in the prescribed format required by the Office of Facilities and at a minimum include; specific buildings/doors requested for access; individual(s) name and job title.

Prior to submission to the Office of Facilities, the request must have been reviewed and approved by the individual's supervisor and respective department head. An officer of the College must approve requests for master keys. NOTE: Access requests to areas under the control of other department heads must have their approval in addition to the immediate individual's supervisors and department head.

All incoming faculty and staff must have their keys issued through the Office of Facilities, and not accept a key transfer from a previous employee. Any individual having keys or card access privileges is required to notify the Office of Facilities immediately when it is determined that the specific access is no longer required.


Upon receipt of requests the Office of Facilities will review all requests for applicability to the purposes requested. The following guidelines may be utilized in reviewing requests for approval:

Interior Door - If the individual requesting the key is assigned to the specific work space, the immediate supervisor and respective department head must approve prior to access being granted.

Exterior Door - Requests for access to building exterior doors will require the approval of the individual's immediate supervisor, department head and potentially other department heads in the same building that access is requested. Current access rights/privileges of the specific employee being requested will be reviewed as a part of the request to determine specific areas that can be accessed by the individual if access is granted.

Building Master - In most cases, building master access will be restricted to authorized maintenance personnel, public safety personnel and/or other pre-authorized personnel on campus with specific needs for building wide access. All other requesting individuals must obtain the approval from department heads within a specific building to which access could be obtained. The director of public safety will provide final authorization.

General Master - Facility master access will be restricted to authorized maintenance personnel, public safety personnel, other pre-authorized personnel, vice presidents, and the president of the institution. The vice president for business & finance must approve requests for facility master access. The director of public safety will provide final authorization.


Students, faculty, and staff are not to lend their keys or ID Card to any other person, off-campus or on-campus. If one loses his/her key(s), he/she should report it immediately to the Office of Facilities, or the Office of Residence Life, if it is a residence hall key. A key audit of campus will be performed annually.


Faculty & Staff: Upon termination of employment of individuals having been issued keys, he/she will be required to return all keys to the Office of Facilities as a part of the human resources clearance process. If the keys issued to that employee are not returned upon termination, the replacement fee for that key will be withdrawn from the employee's last paycheck, subject to federal and state minimum wage laws.

Students: Upon withdrawal or graduation of students having been issued keys (for use on campus buildings other than residence halls), he/she will be required to return all campus keys to the Office of Facilities. If the keys issued to that student are not returned, the student's records will be held until the keys are returned or a replacement fee paid.


Individuals requesting replacement of damaged/missing keys must complete the request process before a replacement will be authorized. Replacement fees are as follows for Students, faculty and staff:

Interior key - $50.00

Exterior key - $50.00

Building Master - $50.00

General Master - $50.00


The Office of Facilities will be responsible for reviewing all requests for changes to locking systems and/or installations. Such requests may require the approval of the vice president of business & finance. The Office of Facilities will inventory and maintain all cores.


The Office of Facilities may issue key rings to be controlled by a department. The key rings must be kept in a secure location. A log must be kept of who checks out the key ring and when. All key rings must be turned in every evening. Eligible departments include:

Public Safety





The Office of Facilities or Public Safety will not issue keys to contractors. Facilities will provide public safety with a list of authorized contractors allowed on campus and the dates they are to be on campus. If the contractor is on the authorized list, the Office of Public Safety will issue a badge to the contractor with their company name and date of work. Badges are issued for one day only. Contractors will then contact facilities to obtain access to needed areas.

A facilities escort is required at all times in residence halls, unless the residence hall is unoccupied (ex. summer, winter break). Facilities will obtain permission for sensitive areas prior to scheduling work, and only schedule work during college business hours. Sensitive areas include the Offices of Human Resources, ITS, College Officer, Financial Aid, Student Health, Accounting, Bookstore, Registrar, McCain Library, Personal Counseling, and the Post Office.

Policy No.  895  Issued  1/1/2004