Student Employment

Agnes Scott College students are employed by the College in various ways across the campus. Most often their positions are approved through the Office of Financial Aid for the College Work Study Program. Occasionally, students will occupy a position funded through a specific department or division budget or through a research grant. In any case, the student may not work more than 19 hours per week during an academic session. It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure the student does not exceed the 19 hour limit.

You may contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss student help between semesters or during academic breaks. All student help of this type is contingent upon available funds within departmental budgets.

A student's employment, though important, is secondary to her pursuit of an education through Agnes Scott College. For that reason, full-time Agnes Scott students may not be hired for full-time positions within the College. Part-time students meeting the qualifications for the job may, in certain situations, be considered. However, they must make an appointment with the Dean of Students prior to applying for a position. Questions about the hiring of students should be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students. Questions regarding eligibility for College Work Study or financial aid should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid.

When possible, staff members are encouraged to mentor students and help acquaint them with professional on-the-job behavior. The student employee should be given duties and responsibilities specific to the position for which she has been hired. This is done in the form of a job description. Performance standards should be assigned and feedback relative to the student's ability to meet those standards should be given. The Office of Financial Aid encourages a performance review for each student placed through the College Work Study Program.

If a student must be absent because of illness or pressing academic matters, the supervisor may request the student make up the hours at another time. If a student performs unsatisfactorily, the supervisor must make the student aware of her shortcomings and follow corrective action procedures. In certain situations, the student may be reassigned to another department.

Students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines with regard to their employment:

Punctuality: Be at work when scheduled. If unable to do so, notify supervisor as soon as possible, but no later than the scheduled start time.

Professionalism: Behave in a manner consistent with the position assigned.

Phone calls: Limit personal calls. Remember that the office assigned must conduct business.

Internet access: Accessing personal e-mail and "surfing" the net are not permitted without supervisor authorization.

Homework: Ask for supervisor's permission before doing homework.

Attire: Dress appropriate to the position assigned. Consult supervisor with questions.

Confidentiality: In her capacity as an employee, the student may have access to personal or confidential information on other students or employees. Be responsible with this information.

Teamwork: Approach the job with a willing spirit. Realize that every experience encountered at Agnes Scott College is a potential learning opportunity. Approach work assignment as such.

To comply with employment law and receive a paycheck in a timely manner, the student is responsible for completing appropriate paperwork through the Office of Human Resources. This includes providing appropriate documentation for the I-9 Employment Eligibility Form and applicable federal and state income tax forms (W-4, G-4). She is also responsible for filling out her weekly timesheet, getting supervisor's approval of the timesheet and turning it into the Office of Human Resources. All supervisors should ensure students assigned to their department complete appropriate paperwork and turn in timesheets in a timely manner. Students who do not complete appropriate paperwork, or turn in timesheets in time for payroll to process, will not be paid. Questions concerning employment paperwork or timesheets may be directed to the payroll manager.

The College believes the interactions between staff and students can be extremely rewarding for both. Learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom. This employment relationship is another way in which Agnes Scott College prepares women for future achievement.

Policy No.  881  Issued  1/1/2004