Alcoholic beverages are restricted on the Agnes Scott campus in compliance with Georgia and Decatur laws. These laws are as follows:


The legal age for purchasing and possessing alcoholic beverages is 21. It is against the law to either sell or furnish alcoholic beverages to anyone under the legal age.

It is illegal to appear in an intoxicated condition or to evidence boisterous or vulgar behavior on any public street or in any public place, in any private residence other than one's own, or in any mode of transportation. Bottles of alcohol with broken seals cannot be kept in cars.

It is illegal to misrepresent age in any manner for the purpose of obtaining alcohol.


It is unlawful to drink alcoholic beverages in automobiles -parked or moving -on the streets, highways, or alleys of the city. It is unlawful to carry any type of open liquor container in public.

Agnes Scott policy

Employees desiring to serve alcoholic beverages at college sponsored functions should adhere to the following guidelines:

The employee hosting the event or designated college manager will remain at the event for the entire duration.

Only beer or wine may be served at college hosted events.

Whenever possible, trained servers will be employed to serve.

The employee hosting the event will ensure the serving of alcohol will cease at a reasonable time, but not later than midnight.

The employee hosting the event or the designated manager will monitor the event and ensure that anyone who needs it is provided with safe transportation home.

Employees are required to comply with the laws of the state of Georgia and the City of Decatur when serving alcohol at college sponsored functions.

Policy No.  780  Issued  3/1/2012