Campus Violence Prevention


In recent years, the subject of violence on college and university campuses and in the workplace has received increasing attention as violent events have been widely reported in the news media. This policy is intended to guide members of the Agnes Scott College community both in preventing acts of violence and in responding to them when they occur on or in relation to the college campus.


Agnes Scott College is committed to providing a learning and working environment that is safe for all members of the college community. The college expects all members of the campus community to treat one another with courtesy and respect. The college will not tolerate violent acts on its campuses or at off-campus locations administered by the college. This policy extends not only to actual violent conduct but also to verbal and written threats and intimidation, whether by students, faculty, staff, or visitors to the college.

Firearms, ammunition, weapons, and other dangerous or hazardous devices or substances are prohibited from the premises of ASC unless authorized for law enforcement personnel.

The college urges individuals who have experienced or witnessed incidents of violence to report them to the Department of Public Safety immediately by dialing 6400. If the threat is not immediate, an alternative method of reporting for students is to report concerns about violence to the Office of the Dean of Students, faculty to the Office of the Dean of the College, and staff to the Office of Human Resources. When reporting a threat of violence, employees should be as specific and detailed as possible.

The college prohibits retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, brings a complaint of campus violence or serves as a witness in the investigation of a complaint of campus violence.


Information regarding incidents of violent conduct and threats of violence will be promptly investigated, and, if warranted, disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with applicable procedures. Agnes Scott College Department of Public Safety or local law enforcement will be notified of criminal conduct. In addition, the college may refer individuals accused of violations of this policy for an assessment of the likelihood that they will carry out violent acts. If the continued presence of an individual on campus threatens or disrupts the conduct of college business, the individual may be suspended from participation in college programs or activities pending the outcome of the assessment.

When advised of circumstances warranting intervention, the college will render assistance through the Agnes Scott College Department of Public Safety or local or federal law enforcement agencies as appropriate. Individual members of the college community who receive threats of bodily harm or who are the targets of harassing or stalking behaviors are urged to contact public safety and to avail themselves of the services offered by the student personal counseling office or through the Employee Assistance Program.

Every effort will be made to respect the privacy of all individuals involved in the matter. However, the necessity to investigate the matter and to cooperate with law enforcement authorities may require the disclosure of otherwise confidential information.

Individuals accused of engaging in incidents of campus violence may seek legal counsel at their own expense. Individuals and their attorneys are reminded that attorneys do not participate in any internal college hearing. Anyone determined to be responsible for threats of (or actual) violence or other conduct that is in violation of these guidelines will be subject to prompt disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or expulsion, through the appropriate campus organization. This does not exclude the possibility of arrest and prosecution, as appropriate, within the legal system.

Campus vendors and contractors are reminded that their employees who conduct business on college premises must conform their conduct to the requirements of this policy. The college reserves the right to remove from campus vendor or contractor employees who engage in acts prohibited by this policy.

Policy No.  586  Issued  3/1/2012