Cell Phone Usage


References to cell phones include cell phones and smart phones such as Android, iPhone or Blackberry that have a cell phone feature.


The purpose of the Cellular Phone Policy is:

To provide information regarding eligibility for issuance of a college provided cell phone.

To ensure safe work practices when considering the need to use a cell phone while driving or performing other duties.

For employees using cell phones to follow proper protocol in protecting their cell phone.


This policy applies to staff that are issued cell phones by the college.


A. Eligibility

With the approval of a Supervisor along with VP authorization, the college will purchase cell phones and services for employees as follows:

Each department is responsible for the purchase of cell phones and monthly services fees within their area.

Cell phones are purchased at a discounted rate with a 2 year agreement.

Monthly services include Cellular, Text and Data

Cellular plans include 450 anytime minutes that are collectively shared in a pool of minutes by all users.

The text plan is a minimum plan of 500 messages per month.

Data is unlimited.

Each cell phone is covered under warranty against malfunction for 1 year. If there is a malfunction, the cell phone will be replaced for free with a duplicate cell phone.

As we purchase new or upgrade existing cell phones, we are adding a warranty to protect against damages that will allow the college to pay the discounted rate for replacement.

Cell phones are eligible for upgrade after one year. The cost of the upgraded cell phone will be the discounted rate with a new 2 year plan.

All equipment purchased remains the property of the college.

If a department decides to eliminate a line, they will be responsible for paying the cost of the line until either the 2-year agreement has been satisfied or another department takes responsibility for the line.

Users may be eligible to increase their text plan based on department need.

Employees must pay out of pocket for applications purchased from the vendor and for services over and above what is provided by the college.

B. Employee Responsibility

Employees shall comply with applicable laws regarding the use of cell phones while driving and avoid cell phone use that may jeopardize the safety of the employee or others. Such use includes texting, emailing, or verbal communication.

Cell phone Protection

It is generally recognized that cell phone transmissions are not secure. Employees must use discretion in relaying confidential or sensitive information over cell phones.

Employees shall password protect their cell phone to ensure information is not compromised in the case of loss or theft.

Employees shall contact the Office of Telecommunications immediately if their cell phone is lost or stolen so the vendor can deactivate the cell phone and prevent further usage.

Policy No.  526  Issued  3/1/2012