Tobacco-Free Policy


Agnes Scott College recognizes the serious health implications of both direct use of tobacco products and indirect exposure to the use of tobacco products, along with hazards associated with environmental tobacco smoke. In order to create an atmosphere consistent with Agnes Scott’s mission and commitments to improve the health and wellness of members of the Agnes Scott community and the environment, Agnes Scott College prohibits the use or sale of tobacco products on its main campus, effective January 1, 2015.

Policy Details

Effective January 1, 2015, the use or sale of tobacco products is prohibited in or on Agnes Scott College’s main campus.

    1. This policy covers all tobacco products, as defined below, and it applies to students, employees, and visitors;
    2. Use of tobacco products in any facility on Agnes Scott College’s main campus is always prohibited, including any interior space rented or leased by outside entities;
    3. Use of tobacco products is prohibited in any college office located in a college-owned building;
    4. Outdoor use of tobacco products is prohibited on all grounds or property owned or wholly leased by Agnes Scott that are included in the ‘main campus, as defined below;
    5. Tobacco use shall also not be permitted in amphitheaters; or in and within bleachers and grandstands used for spectators at sporting and other public events;
    6. College-owned properties used as private residences are exempt from this policy;


    7. Use of tobacco products is prohibited in all vehicles, private and commercial, while on Agnes Scott College property;
    8. Use of tobacco products in college-owned vehicles is prohibited at all times, both on and off college property.


    Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of all members of the Agnes Scott community. Members of the Agnes Scott community (faculty, administrators, staff, and students) are invited to assist in the implementation of this policy by respectfully informing tobacco users of this policy.

    Repeated violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action under the Agnes Scott Student Handbook, Agnes Scott Human Resources Policies and Procedures, or other applicable Agnes Scott regulations or policies. Agnes Scott visitors are expected to comply with Agnes Scott’s tobacco-free environment.

    Agnes Scott's Commitment to the Community

    Agnes Scott College is committed to assisting members of the Agnes Scott community in tobacco cessation. Agnes Scott recognizes that quitting tobacco use can be a significant personal challenge and tobacco-cessation programs are an integral component in implementing this policy. A complete listing of these resources is on the tobacco-free initiative website, under How to Quit at:

    Agnes Scott's Commitment to the Environment

    Agnes Scott College is committed to protecting the environment and recognizes that as part of our mission to live honorably, we accept the challenge of environmental stewardship and leadership in sustainability. As part of this challenge, Agnes Scott recognizes the damaging affects of tobacco products on the environment. For more information on the impact of tobacco on the environment, see "Tobacco's Impact on the Environment Fact Sheet" from Smoke Free Oregon.


    For the purpose of the policy, the following words and phrases shall mean:

    1. Tobacco products: All tobacco products or products that resemble the use of tobacco are prohibited. Tobacco products are defined to include but are not limited to cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vape pens, hookahs, candy cigarettes, chewing tobacco, blunts, blunt wraps, pre-wrapped blunt cones & tubes, cigars, cigarillos, bidis, cigarette packages or smokeless tobacco containers, lighters, ash trays, key chains, t-shirts, coffee mugs and any other item containing or reasonably resembling tobacco or tobacco products.
    2. Agnes Scott’s main campus:
      • The boundaries of South Candler Street to the east, South McDonough Street to the west, East College Avenue to the north and West Davis Street to the south. The residential village (three theme houses), Department of Public Safety, West Parking facility, Candler Street Parking lot and Office of Facilities at 401 E. College Avenue are included in the ‘main campus’ scope.
      • All exterior and common areas at Avery Glen Apartments and those apartments occupied by Agnes Scott College students are also included in the ‘main campus’ scope.

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    Dean of Students 404.471.6391

    Policy No.  505  Issued  1/1/2004 Revised 5/2017