Agnes Scott College Compensation Philosophy

To further our mission of educating women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times, Agnes Scott College is committed to providing competitive salaries and benefits in order to attract and retain a highly qualified, diverse and productive faculty and staff. In addition, the college is committed to addressing issues of merit, compression and gender equity in its compensation policies.

The faculty of Agnes Scott plays a central role in fulfilling the college's educational mission. As dedicated teacher-scholars, they serve as intellectual guides and role models, providing students with the exciting learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom that differentiate Agnes Scott from other colleges. Faculty members must have the academic training and credentials needed to successfully perform in the classroom as well as the motivation and desire to help students learn and grow. The college is committed to recruiting and retaining the best liberal arts faculty in the country. We use AAUP salary data to target competitive salaries for our faculty and have set the top quintile of IIB (baccalaureate) institutions' faculty salaries as our benchmark.

The staff of Agnes Scott plays many roles integral to the fulfillment of our mission. Staff members, including the senior officers, pursue strategic institutional goals and create and maintain the infrastructure that supports teaching, learning and scholarship. They also serve as mentors, advisers and role models to students. Like faculty members, staff members need to be among the finest in their professions. Each staff position has a natural "market" that can be used for comparison, which is defined as the market from which we recruit for that particular job. Within this market, the college strives to offer and maintain competitive salaries for all staff positions. This market competitiveness will be balanced with our commitment to offer all college employees a Living Wage, which we recognize may be above the market for some positions.

We recognize that it is the combined efforts of all employed by the college that enable Agnes Scott to maintain its reputation for excellence. In a small community, when even one faculty or staff member performs below the level needed, it affects many - and can have a direct impact on the quality of the educational experience. Therefore, our compensation system must support the hiring, retention, and professional development of excellent employees, and our culture must challenge them to contribute in meaningful ways to the mission of the college.

Policy No.  485  Issued  8/31/2011