Nonexempt employees who clock in and out are responsible for accurately recording the hours they work. This information also helps Agnes Scott College comply with the laws that require us to keep accurate records of "time worked" in order to correctly calculate employee pay and benefits. "Time worked" is defined as all the time nonexempt staff spend performing work for Agnes Scott College.

Non-exempt employees must accurately record the time that they begin and end their work, as well as the beginning and ending time of any meal periods, split shifts and any absences from the workplace for personal reasons. Non-exempt employees are required to receive advance approval before working any overtime hours.

We consider attempts to falsify timekeeping records a very serious matter. An employee who alters, falsifies or tampers with a time record or records another employee's time may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Hourly paid employees should not start working more than five (5) minutes before their scheduled starting time and should not continue working more than five (5) minutes after their scheduled ending time. The only exception to these rules about starting and ending times is when the employee has received prior authorization from his or her supervisor.

Employees are responsible for signing their time records to certify their accuracy. The employee's supervisor will then review and initial the time records before submitting for payroll processing. In addition, if corrections or revisions are made to the time record, both the employee and supervisor must initial the changes on the time record as being accurate.

Policy No.  401  Issued  3/1/2012