Sick Leave Donation

The Sick-Leave Donation program is a voluntary, confidential program permitting staff members to donate sick time to a co-worker who cannot return to work because of a serious health condition, as defined under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Voluntary sick-leave donations from other employees may be used to provide paid sick leave for a maximum of 160 hours in a twelve-month period. The 12-month period will commence on the day an employee first utilizes donated sick leave.

Employees may also donate sick time to a bank of sick time for use by any co-worker in need. This sick time would be assigned to a reserve account rather than donated to specific individuals. Employees who have exhausted all their available sick time are encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss their eligibility to use reserve-account sick leave.

To be eligible to donate sick leave, a staff member must have accumulated at least 160 hours of sick leave. The number of donated hours shall not exceed 20 percent of the donor's accumulated sick time (for example, if an employee has accumulated 200 sick hours, s/he could donate up to 40 of those hours to a co-worker).

To be eligible to receive sick leave, an employee must:

have been employed full time for 12 continuous months;

have exhausted all of his/her own sick leave and have no more than 40 hours of vacation time accrued;

require a continued absence from work because of his/her own serious health condition or to care for a family member who has a serious health condition (as defined under FMLA);

provide medical documentation (as required under the FMLA); and

not have been counseled for abuse of the sick leave policy within the last 2 years.


An employee in need of sick-leave donation shall complete a Request for Sick-Leave Donation and submit it to his/her supervisor. The supervisor shall indicate whether she/he recommends approval of the request, sign the form and forward it to the Office of Human Resources for final approval and processing. Any employee requesting donated sick leave, after having already received a donation, must wait 12 months before receiving a second donation. In addition, employees requesting a second donation should have accrued at least three days of sick leave of their own before being able to request a second donation.

The Office of Human Resources shall post a request for sick-leave donation. The circumstances leading to a need for donated sick leave shall be confidential; only information authorized by the requesting individual may be released.

Employees who wish to donate sick time shall complete a Sick-Leave Donation form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources will verify the eligibility of both the donor and the recipient.

Any employee who has received donated sick leave is encouraged to return at least one day to the bank when they return to work and begin accruing sick leave. This is a voluntary donation that enables individuals who have been recipients of their co-worker's generosity to, "pay it forward."

In the event the hours donated exceed the maximum that can be received by one employee, human resources will transfer eight hours from each donor in order of the date received. Additional hours will be transferred as needed to reach the maximum allowable donation (160 hours).

The Office of Human Resources will send a copy of each Sick-Leave Donation form to payroll, thereby notifying payroll to transfer the approved hours from the donor to the recipient.

The Office of Human Resources will notify the receiving employee of the amount of sick leave transferred to his/her sick leave account. The names of donors will be released only with approval by each donor.

Participation in this program shall terminate, and any remaining balance of donated leave returned to the reserve or to individual donors, if any of the following occurs:

the recipient is medically released to return to work;

the recipient returns to work;

the recipient's employment is terminated; or

the recipient fails to provide medical documentation as requested under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The college reserves the right to refuse donated sick leave to any individual who has abused the Sick Leave Donation policy or falsifies documents in order to obtain a donation.

Policy No.  391  Issued  1/1/2004