Personal Leave

Personal Leave is granted to employees and may be used for any reason, including emergencies. Employees in the following employment classification(s) are eligible to earn and use Personal Time as described in this policy:

Regular full-time employees working 12-months per year

Regular half-time employees working 12-months per year

Personal leave is granted at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1). Upon initial eligibility the employee is entitled to three days each year. Leave is pro-rated for newly hired, eligible employees.

Personal leave can be used in minimum increments of one hour (with the exception of Union employees, who must use it in increments of one day). Employees who have an unexpected need to be absent from work should notify their direct supervisor at least 24 hours in advance, if possible. In the case of an emergency, notice should be given as soon as possible. The direct supervisor must also be contacted on each additional day of unexpected absence.

To schedule planned personal leave, employees should request approval in advance from their supervisor. Requests will be reviewed based on a number of factors, including business needs and staffing requirements.

Personal leave is paid at the employee's base pay rate at the time of absence. It does not include overtime or any special forms of compensation such as incentives, commissions, bonuses or shift differentials.

If available personal leave is not used by the end of the fiscal year, employees will forfeit the unused personal time.

Upon termination of employment, any unused personal leave will be forfeited.

Policy No.  315  Issued  1/1/2004